250 CHSB tokens in 1 week! The Fast Lane of the Swissborg Community App Challenge

250 CHSB tokens in 1 week! The Fast Lane of the Swissborg Community App Challenge

By Overmind | SwissBorg | 17 Jul 2020

Hi all, 

last post i made the following offer to you. In this post I´d like to show you how to earn easily 250 CHSB of 1,750 CHSB tokens in one week. 

This guide reflects a safe strategy you can also try a riskier one. However, in the game of the Swissborg Community App you can earn up to 1,750 CHSB token. This guide shows you how to earn the first 250 CHSB tokens easily. 

About the game

The SwissBorg Community App is a price prediction game where players competing for a BTC prize pool as large as the number of registered users (currently at $133,848 Date: 2020-07-17-15:09-UTC+1).


Current prize pool on the 2020-07-17-15:09-UTC+1. The prize pool is capped at a maximum of $500,000.00 in BTC.

Highest rank players will receive the following prices:

The player of the...
🥇🏆1st place receive 6% of the prize pool ($8,030.94)

🥈2nd place receive 2% of the Prize pool ($2,676.96)

🥉3rd place receive 1% of the prize pool ($1,338.49)

Players who get the....

🏅4th-10th place receive 0.5% of the prize pool ($669.24)

🎖🎖🎖11th-100th place receive 0.15% of the prize pool ($200.77)

🎖🎖101st-1000th place receive 0.02% of the prize pool ($26.77)

🎖1001st-10000th place receive 0.004% of the prize pool ($5.35)

🏵10001st-20000th place receive 0.002% of the prize pool ($2.68)


Current price pool distribution ranking list. The more players join the bigger the price pool get. 

CHSB Tokens (What is a CHSB token?) are earned by unlocking badges, Badges are unlocked by completing different tasks. 


Different Badges within the game need to be unlocked to receive the CHSB token.

The Guide

Step 1 - Download and install the SwissBorg Community App (Phone number required, you must be over 18 in order to receive the tokens)

Step 2- Apply the code OA62FUI  and get 3,000 betting points extra! After sign up you´ll start with 3,400 points!!! instead of 400 points

Step 3 - The first 50 CHSB token.

After 7 consecutive logins you have unlocked the Loyal Badge Level 1 giving you 2,200 points (1,400 points (7 x 200 points per day) + 800 points for a streak)

Step 4 - The second 50 CHSB token.

Now, you should have around 5,600 points in minimum, unlocking the Overachiever Badge Level 1

Step 5 - The third 50 CHSB token.

You should made 3 correct price predictions within the 7 consecutive daily logins unlocking Psychic Badge Level 1 (Use 200-point bets to avoid higher losses)

Step 6 - The fourth 50 CHSB token.

Bet 1,000 points (balanced bet) unlocking the Risk Taker Badge Level 1

Step 7 - The fifth 50 CHSB token. If you had won the bet from Step 6, make a brave bet (5,000 pts. bet) otherwise if this is to risky for you,  you should repeat Step 3 to gather more points in order to make the bet unlocking the Risk Taker Badge Level 2

Congratulation you have earned 250 CHSB tokens. The tokens can be transferred at the end of the game from the SwissBorg Community App to the SwissBorg Wealth App.

Who can participate? 

Find here the list of supported countries

What’s the current value of one CHSB token? 


Are there other Strategies?

Yes, there are different strategies to gather the first 250 CHSB token or more, this was the my fastest and safest strategy, (ok, except step 7, it is very risky). To get a better feeling for your prediction use the machine learning AI Technical Analysis from the CyBorg Predictor from the SwissBorg Wealth App it updates hourly and is more accurate than its daily updated pendant in the SwissBorg Community App. The AI predicts the price movement for the next 24 h in most cases correctly.

How to withdraw your tokens?

After the game ends. You will be able to transfer your earned tokens to the SwissBorg Wealth App, the exchange app from SwissBorg. From there you are able to do whatever you like with the coins e.g. staking, withdrawing, exchanging, holding.

Wish you all the best and happy earning and gaming! Read here when you can redeem your tokens and what are the competition rules.

Did you know?

If you deposit €50 in the Wealth App (using this link is mandatory) you get a scratch ticket of a random value ranging from €1-€100 in BTC" Deposting is for free :)

Tip: Wait for a BTC dump and redeem your ticket than Exchange it into banano(BAN) 🤣. Just kidding!


Have you read my swissborg campaign.


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If you have further questions feel free to contact me via.

E-Mail: publish0xcrypto@gmail.com

Discord: Bananamator#0055

Telegram: @Pthioskamp

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