Yoga Nidra Session In Spanish

Yoga Nidra Recording in Spanish- Guided Meditation

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday.

It's been a while, I feel I touched rock bottom and now I am starting to emerge again.

I started a yoga teacher training, and I would like to share with you the videos I am recording for my 300hr practicum.

Hope they help you.

Today's video is a 30 min yoga Nidra session in Spanish.

Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation practice that takes you into deep states of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep.

During Yoga Nidra, you are guided to notice and feel physical sensations, your breath, emotions, thoughts, and feelings and to experience yourself as the witness of all of this.

Hope you enjoy it :)

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Surviving our mental states
Surviving our mental states

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