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Guide to Alien World for new players and my one week experience from the Game

By Suraz Bhattarai | Surazbhat | 4 Feb 2021

I found out about Alien worlds while randomly reading articles on Publishox. As, I was already playing other games like Splinterland and Risingstar I decided to give this one a try. I simply went to Dappradar to see the number of active players and I was suprised to see that Alien world was already competing with Splinterland in terms of active daily players.

Screenshot 58.png

This is the screenshot of users visiting above games in last 24 hours and we can see Alien world at 2nd position with around 8.75k players. So, the game already has good number of players playing the game.

Now, lets dive directly into the game.

  • What is Alien worlds? and How can I play the game?
    Alien World is a game based on wax blockchain. First, you will need a wax cloud wallet to play this game. So, Simply go Here , create cloud wallet and now you are ready to Play the Game. The game is still in it's beta stage so, you are given a human avatar and shovel for free when you first log into the game.
  • What do I get for playing the game?
    You will get Trilium (TLM) for performing each mining from the game. You will also have a chance to earn NFTs from each missions. The quantity of TLM and chance of getting NFTs all depends on the power of the cards you have when you are performing the mining. You can exchane TLM to wax from Alcor exchange. As you play the game you will start receiving some NFTs from the game which can be staked to rPlanet to earn some Aether. I started receiving NFTs from the Third day, but if you are lucky enough you may start getting it from the first day itself.

  • What should I do in the game?
    You will have the option to choose the planet and land you want to mine from. There are altogethrt 6 planets with many lands to mine from. For now, I will advise you to mine in Cryptomokney owned lands from Plant Neri and stake your mined TLM to Neri so, that you will get some free NFTs every few weeks. Click here to read the official announcement.The land you should mine are from one of these given option:

Planet Neri, coordinates 35:5, Tree Forest
Planet Neri, coordinates 18:7, Mountains
Planet Neri, coordinates 5:10, Rocky Crater
Planet Neri, coordinates 7:7, Plains

  • My Experience of the Game
    I started playing the game around a week ago, First two days were hard as I was mining only through Shovel and receiving very few TLM and no NFT at all. At, that period TrocProcLock helped me by sending some cards which increased my luck and mining power and since, Third day I started receiving some NFTs. In the fifth day I received a card called Basic explosive having charge time of 1200 sec and $2 worth in the market which has greatly increased my TLM per mission.
    Most of the mining I do is in 18:7 land from planet Neri, where I have found around 12 NFTs till now. I also bought some cheap NFTs from market just to stake it in rPlanret and till now I have gained around 500 Aether by Staking my unused NFTs.

If you want to understand more about the game then you can read post from these two authors.

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Suraz Bhattarai
Suraz Bhattarai

Interested in Blockchain Technology


Interested in Blockchain Technology

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