Best Tools to mine for NFTs in Alien Worlds

I was looking all over online to try to find a list of all the NFTs available in Alien Worlds. And I couldn't find it anywhere. If anyone has a link to it please let me know. 

I wanted to know what was the best tools to use when mining for NFT's. I don't have many but I was looking at the market and realized that there was a lot out there I could buy but I didn't know what was the best value. Some days I can spend all day mining and for that I wanted short mining times. There are other days where I a more busy and can't just sit and mine all day so I would rather have longer mining times with higher rewards each time.

I went through the NFT Market and wrote down all the tools available and their stats. I might have missed some tools if nobody is selling them but here is my list so far.



Then I wanted to know what was worth my time. So I wrote an excel formula to figure out based on the Charge Time in seconds what gave me the greatest chance of a NFT based purely on stats. There is a formula used in Alien Worlds that takes into account the land you are mining on as well to know what percentage you have to get a NFT each mine. However I always mine on land that is 2.2 or 2.5 NFT Luck so that doesn't matter to me too much.

So I give you the best Tools to mine with to get NFT's


Based on the graph above you will see the column "NFT to Charge ROI" which just means your Return on Investment (with time being your investment). Obviously a Mythical Tool is at the top but what is interesting is that a Abundant tool is above the 50% mark. 

Standard Capacitor is not that bad. It has a rating of 0.006 ROI. While the best tool has a ROI of 0.016. Which is about 2.5 times better. That is very surprising to me. I would have thought the Mythical's would destroy the Abundant tools but not by that much. I guess it is also because it takes into account the multiplication of the land Luck value as well. 

Right now I only have 1 Abundant Capacitor and 2 shovel that I mine with. But I am looking to get 2 more Abundant Capacitors so that I can mine with 3 of them and get the best luck (that I can afford).


I think down the road I will upgrade to the Glavor Disc because that has a ROI of 0.013 which is VERY close to the AI Excavator. And it costs so much less. All of this is very dependent on the market prices and what I mine. This game is still very new and there will be more players who come along. So prices may drop drastically as the days go on. 


I enjoy doing these more in depth articles about Alien Worlds. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I am also working on an article about equipping multiple of the same tools. However it looks like is down right now so I can't finish that guy until it's back up.


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