Carbon On Zilliqa new DEX called Carbswap

Carbon Token ( CARB ) on Zilliqa Network ( ZIL ) its token and New DEX called Carbswap

By TiddyBit | Stonks | 15 Nov 2021

Carbon Swap DEX Carbswap Graphene
What Is Carbon?

Carbon is a token on the Zilliqa Blockchain. It has been steadily developing and growing. Recently announced that it will be launching a DEX of its own on Zilliqa where most users are currently tied to Zilswap a proprietary DEX on Zilliqa chain. Carbon also offers an Avatar function for Identity tied to an address as well as an NFT attached avatar for that identity. Carbon is my 2nd bullish coin on Zilliqa right next to XCAD. With many new projects and advancements coming on Carbon that I think it is just getting started.

About CARBswap

Carbon will be launching its own DEX exchange with LP rewards and swapping using Carbon token on Zilliqa. It will also crosschain with Cosmos for Carbon's new token on Cosmos. GRAPH will be Carbon's governance token where all transactions will earn GRAPH opposed to all fees paid in CARB. All fees paid will go to LP Graph / Carb pool. Carbon having its own DEX, will this change the game for Zilliqa?

Carbon Swap Carbswap Graphene

Carbon Dex Car swap LP Liquidity Pools

What is Graph?

It is a Quadratic Voting smart contract that is the governance token to Carbon. While you can vote more than once on a proposal it will cost more each time you cast the vote. While a whale could in theory skew the votes in order to get the win, however he would suffer a greater loss than those that voted only once in the way how everyone will be rewarded is the same.

Graph will be rewarded in LP and in transactions. The more one swaps or trades on CarbSwap the more they will earn, same with LP. With Graph you will be able to help chart the direction of Carbon through voting. Each vote will cost Carbon to cast. Each time someone votes the fee is increased. So if a whale will have to beat say 99 voters he would have to spend 10k in carbon and then only be rewarded about 101 Carbon in order to defeat or win a proposal.

What Is Graphene?

Is a low cost high speed side chain built on Cosmos and cross chain integrated for Zilliqa where Graphite (Carbon's Governance token) is the underlining token for Graphene on Cosmos chain. Independent wallet on Cosmos blockchain that can be cross chained to Zilliqa. Where Carbon will be able to support solidity programming language. With Graphene users of Zilliqa tokens will be able to bridge over all Zilliqa based tokens over to Graphene.

Carbon CarbSwap DEX Graphene


Avatar Identity for Zil Addresses.

Carbon Avatar NFT Zilliqa Address

Carbon has implemented a avatar way of addressing Zilliqa based addresses. Basically you pay in Carbon for your avatar identity address. They are also in collaboration with NFT artist CyberPunk to have NFT avatars for users to use as their identity. They have also announced that users will beable to use avatars from many other NFT artists later on. The Avatar option from my understanding will weigh heavily on voting with GRAPH. It was said that each avatar address will be 1 vote, the more avatar addresses one has the more "voting power" someone will have. 
Carbon Avatar NFT Zilliqa Address
Carbon Avatar NFT Zilliqa Address



Carbon also offers what they call "Blackhole" which allows users more privacy in ways of transferring from one holder to another. I have never used this feature of Carbon so I can not comment about it. 

Carbon Carbonswap DEX Carbswap Blackhole


Carbon's Wallet Alchemy

Alchemy is a wallet on Zilliqa network that doesn't need any installation or plugin on any computer or device. It is all web based allowing the user to be able to access their holdings in their wallet with ease on virtually any device. Allowing Zil and Zil token holders access to their holdings and swapping with ease. As I am writing this here is an update coming for Alchemy which will change a bit.

Carbon Swap Carbswap DEX Alchemy Zil Wallet


Social Pay

Using Carbon's Alchemy wallet is rather simple to use where no download or plugin is required it is entirely web based which offers a wide array of options. One of these options is called "Social Pay". While at the time of writing this I was told that Social Pay is going to change a little bit in an upcoming update. However you can be paid for your contributions on twitter.


Carbon Tokenomics

Carbon is currently changing in many ways. I have tried to put this off for a little bit as I write this some things will become obsolete or have changed completely. Carbon has stated that staking will be ending soon. So I will not be writing about this part. Its LP rewards have also changed as well. Some other tokenomics have changed as well like Team wallets, vaults, etc. The team has stated that there has been no airdrops or gifting of Carbon of any kind. Though they do pay contractors, artists, devs, tech, or sell to pay bills, etc in carbon. Please review Carbon's website for tokenomics and updates as this will change as project develops.

Total Supply: 10,000,000
Circulating Supply: 3,635,122.85

Carbon Swap carbswap dex tokenomics




There are many new and upcoming projects coming on Carbon many of which are quite big. I have only touched the surface of it in this article. As I have mentioned before in other articles I am not a writer. I just write about what I like and I enjoy crypto. Carbon is making great progress and here are some of the projects (not all) being worked on. the site is a bit dated in flow however the actual tools and Daps that you will use are actually very nice and easy to use.

Carbon CarbSwap DEX Graphene Projects



First and foremost I have not received any incentive of any kind to do this. I currently own Carb token which makes up about 2.5% of my portfolio. I currently do not know or aren't aware of knowing anyone personally from either Zilliqa or Carbon other than following on twitter and telegram like everyone else. I am just a crypto junkie writing about what he likes and dislikes. Nothing provided in any articles should be considered Financial Advice of any kind.

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