5 year old daughter Child making NFT on Zilliqa

A 5 Year Old Making NFTs ( NFT_alie ) on Zilliqa ( ZIL ) Metaverse Blockchain The Best Feel Good NFT Project

By TiddyBit | Stonks | 18 Nov 2021


This is the story and development of my 5 year old daughter and I into the world of her creation in NFTs on Zilliqa and why we chose Zilliqa. Zilliqa has come a long way from its origins on Ethereum. It has developed into a Metaverse where games are being developed with many NFTs like BearMarketNFTS, Unicutes, ZilDucks, ZilDragons  and more to artists minting their NFTs on SpardaWallet with easy contract creations and about $1 minting all on Zilliqa blockchain. 

A Childs Art.


While we all know many children love to doodle and draw. One child's art isn't necessarily better than another. I dont per-claim my daughter to be the best or flaunt her works as such. The journey is of bonding and development of her skill. When I was younger I loved to draw and had some art showcased at exhibits. While this isn't anything different than anything else BUT what I believe is important is showing how good NFTs can be while giving my daughter experience and skills where she can use later in life. 

How It Started.

About a year or two ago the idea came to me while talking to online friends and family. We all secretly toss a child's artwork eventually after saying OMG it looks so cool...WHAT IS IT? and having it on the fridge for a while LOL. Its maybe a scribble but there this huge back story to it that they must tell you about. Now I know what you are going to say. "Its just a kids drawing" Sure it is dont get me wrong im not flashing it around saying look at what she did everyone!! BUT what about showing your kid the joys of art, using a computer to make it and mint it that they can develop into something later on in life. It definitely has my daughters attention where she constantly bugs us to draw on the computer.

Avoiding the image of stigma with the likes of Youtube/TikTok personalities where their kids make the parents wealthy. Firstly what I wanted to do was avoid making it like this like at all cost. Everything we do or rather she does is 100% on her own and her choice. While there are some people who wouldn't use face pictures of videos but I think that would take away from the authenticity of what we are trying to do and its all her doing it. I am literally the middle man that mints things for her well at least for now. I will be showing her that step one day and maybe one day her allowance money will be in Zilliqa so she can do choose to mint or buy NFTs

How she does it.


Almost everything she draws she draws it physically. May it be in crayon, marker or whatever. Shes into watching drawing shows and looking at books and wanting to draw something from it. She even just creates things from her mind and scribbles it down. Once she has a bunch done up we look at them all and pick some of the best ones shes done. Why the physical art? its 100% easier for her for now to draw whatever she wants on these medium. Maybe one day we can introduce her to a tablet and get her going. The physical artwork also helps in documenting her process and allowing me to take pictures and do updates when I can.


Now once we have something from her collection chosen comes the hard part using the laptop. She is super bright and loves to use computers, tablets and phones. However at first the transference with the mouse was tricky so we just stated with the basics. Showing her how to use the mouse to draw. Using nice slow movements and using the right pressure. Showing her how to make shapes, eyes, tails, smiles, etc. Then eventually showing her how to get to the program to open it and how to create a new file, and save it. Even showing her the undo short cut.




ZIL aka Zilliqa was chosen by me for a few reasons. Its Metaverse is developing and quite under the radar like Its developing games and NFTs including Sound development in the metavers for everyone in the entertainment area. Sure that's a lot of jargon and sounds like a sales pitch but one of the single important thing it boild down to be was how much is it costing me to do all this too. How much does creating a contract cost, how much is it to mint and how much does it cost to transfer it. For my making a lot less than $30k USD a year Etherum was out of the question. There are many other options available and I had been in Zil for a long time almost pre 1c and its low costs in transfers and contract creation is simple it was a no brainer. It also helped earning a yield in staking that automatically generates zil for me to use in minting. The zilliqa family is a large diverse friendly group and that is where I met the people of SpardaWallet.

Why I Chose SpardaWallet


SpardaWallet is a great new but fast growing Zilliqa NFT Marketplace. It allows users to create contracts with simple clicks and very low cost. Once its made its minting is around maybe a $1 per NFT which is crazy when compared to Etherum and its all thanks to the Zilliqa blockchain. you can learn more about SpardaWallet here. The people at SpardaWallet welcomed us with open arms in their growing network of NFT artists. They opened up spots for my daughter's first NFT auction back before it was all automated now.

The Funds


We have all seen some NFTs on other platforms where an artits take the money an runs or whatever. This is not the case here To me the money doesnt really matter it'll just pay for more minting. Dont get me wrong seeing her things sell makes me super proud of her and her work. If there is anything that I want to convey in any of this is that I really want to bring light to the NFT field and bring goodness to it and show how Zilliqa is the platform for NFTs and making SpardaWallet it best place for any artist of any age to deploy on. 

Wallet Address: zil1vvumhfkc05g2x0mx05jpg5gr7jgagwhg28ychv Link
Contract Address: zil1r789sdyvv4fnplgfpta3w5uldjqc05vzrkdvdu Link


With that said I took some Q&A early on and wanted to answer any question on this. In the Q&A I spoke about how 100% of the funds would stay in the wallet in one shape or form. Funds will be used to pay for minting, new contracts for collections. Funds would also be used for potential LP or staking. Funds would also be used to invest in  Zilliqa coins and projects on my daughters behalf. Yes you heard me 100% will stay in HER wallet, Not mine. Everything will be arranged for her to be in control of it when shes 18 or of age.This is part of my effort to help develop her skill so that one day all this work and fun we are doing in the NFT world will potentially pay for her college or further her development in art. You probably cant find a feel better NFT project than this one.


Finding The Balance.


Everyone goes through things in life and life is busy almost all the time. We generally don't have any rest times even on the weekend. Finding time at first was a bit difficult. We are always running around doing thousand different things, soccer games, ball games, swimming classes, school, work, running someplace to another place with just few min to spare and only having maybe 30 mins as a time where you can sit and watch a show or something before bed time. That and daddy kind of dead after work and still needs to cook and clean and mow the lawn, do her home work and learning activities and reading before bed, bath times etc etc. If you are an involved parent then you already know how busy life can be.


Not being able to sit down and pump out a collection of 100 of the same NFTs in a single sitting wasn't something we could do or would do. If I push her to do it then she wouldn't want to do it or like to do it and would'nt find any enjoyment in it. As I stated before I want to keep this fun and develop into something for her skill sets later in life.

Where We at Now

Its been what feels like a long road in a short amount of time. We haven't minted nearly enough NFTs but that's ok its all on her pace. With the excellent crew over at SpardaWallet being the first to offer a platform for us we will be launching a few special NFTs again to auction. Now we are gearing up and getting listed on ZilSwap ARK listing her NFTs on their platform.

Click here to view collection available.

We have decided to have a 3% commission for my daughter when sold on ARK. Why? I feel that her work should reward her even after the first sale. This is probably the best single feel good NFT project on Zilliqa right now but I am her father and a little biased. I hope you enjoy her work and support her efforts and I hope that one day this skill makes he achieve greatness every parent wants their child to have. Thank you for taking the time to read this and find support.



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