SpardaWallet NFT Market Place Minting and Contract Creation made easy

SpardaWallet ( SPW ) an NFT Market Place on Zilliqa ( ZIL ) Empowering Artist Efficiently and Cheaply

By TiddyBit | Stonks | 14 Nov 2021


What is SpardaWallet?

SpardaWallet is an NFT marketplace on the Zilliqa Blockchain 34% conversion rate. Allowing anyone to create a contract with a simple few clicks are affordable to anyone about $1 to mint NFT. Through the power of Zilliqa blockchain easy and cheap transactions creating a contract to mint your NFTs has never been easier. Not only are they NFT Market Place but they have their own Token on Zilliqa and provide Liquidity rewards to those providing LP. They are also the first on Zilliqa to have Telegram minting too. SpardaWallet is a heavily used Marketplace on Zilliqa where users and artists both can buy and sell their NFTs even if it is made by them or not. There aren't any hoops to jump through to get listed and they monitor activity for Fakes and Scammers. 

What Will you Need To Get Started?

First you will need a Zilliqa wallet like Zilpay and second you will need Zilliqa in that wallet to pay for the transaction costs which are about 10zil or so. Zilpay is available for mobile phones (Android) (Apple) as well as Chrome plugin. If you are using the mobile you will need to use the Dapp browser in the app. If you are using the browser plugin you will need to connect your wallet to SpardaWallet. You will need to authorize SpardaWallet to access your wallet and to make transactions.

Creating a Contract.

This is one of the easiest things you can do on Zilliqa network. There are a couple of NFT Marketplaces that can help you do this but SpardaWallet is the easiest and cheapest as of writing this article. On SpardaWallet simply click "NFT Mint" this will take you to the contract or NFT minting page depending on what you want to do. You can create multiple contracts for different NFT projects that you are working on. This will help keeping order to things and people like low minted numbers of quality work.

Spardawallet Create Contract

Create your contract name, it could be special name of a series of moonmonkies or puppysocks. Whatever it is give it a name. The contract symbol is basically a three or 4 letter representation of you contract name. Whatever your NFT project is the Symbol should reflect the same. Once you have that all worked out click "Deploy" you will be shown a transaction fee to pay for contact once you confirm the transaction fee your contract will soon be deployed once the transaction has been confirmed by the network.

SpardaWallet Create Contract Zilliqa FEE

Once the transaction fee is completed on the network you can start to Mint NFTS

Contract Transaction Creation

Contract Address and details for NFTS

Once your transaction is completed you can see you contract address through the transaction information. You will need this address in the next part of the steps.

Lets start Minting!

Minting on Zilliqa itself is relatively cheap. Though there are NFT Marketplaces that charge extra for their services however SpardaWallet isn't one of them. They have a high success rate in selling NFTs on their Marketplace More than many on the Zilliqa network at the time of writing. On SpardaWallet Simply click "NFT Mint" again but this time you will need to Import your contract address to use to mint your NFTs. If you are unsure of what your contract address you can simply review your transaction of the contract creation. Once its confirmed you can click on the details of the transaction and it will show you your contract information such as the Contract name, Symbol, address, holders, transactions, and more. Simply copy the address to your contract then import.

Create NFT Import Contract

Once you paste your contract address in the import method you will then be able to start minting your NFTs.Create NFT on SpardaWallet

After you import your Contract(s) address click the "Select Contract" button and select the one from the drop down list that you want to mint to. Once done you then can import the file you wish to use as your NFT and enter the rest of the relevant information you want to add. Enter your Social Media tag like Twitter. Once everything is entered in simply click "Create" you will then be prompted with transaction fee to min  this NFT

SpardaWallet Zilliqa minting Fee

Once you click confirm and it is sent through the network and is confirmed by the network your NFT will be minted and viewable in your "Collections" button on SpardaWallet.



Now that you have successfully minted your NFT or NFTs depending on how many you are minting you can now sell them on SpardaWallet or any NFT marketplace on Zilliqa. Simply click "Collection" on the SpardaWallet menu. It will show what NFTs are available to be sold on the marketplace. If there is nothing showing you will need to import the contract address to view the NFTs.

SpardaWallet NFT Market Place Listings

Now in order to List an Item to Sell on any Marketplace there needs to be two transactions to occur. When you click on sell you will need to authorize the NFT to be sold on a market place. The second one is the transaction to list it for X amount of Zilliqa. Once both transactions are completed the item will be listed for sale at price you chose. Remember to authorize the transactions one at a time and wait for the first one to be completed and confirmed on the network.



Minting NFTs on Telegram

SpardaWallet is currently developing a Telegram Bot that you can mint NFTs from with simple commands. At the time of writing this it is not out yet.



SpardaWallet is a strong Marketplace on the Zilliqa ecosystem it is a heavyweight competitor compared to many other options on Zilliqa. However with that said there are several that have already launched just a lil while ago and a few more planning to launching in just a few days if not weeks. It really needs a face lift with its 1990's vibe to its website GeoCities feel to it. Don't get me wrong it is still relatively easy to use and has a great track record for artists selling more NFTs on its Market Place than any other on Zilliqa. 

With its 34% conversion rate you stand a better chance on selling your NFT on Spardawallet than you do on OpenSea.


SPW SpardaWallet token on Zilliqa is used by many as it offers a really good quality LP yield for those that are interested in providing. With APR of about 200% with Zilswap Mega Drop pool.
SpardaWallet SPW APY



First and foremost I have not received any incentive of any kind to do this. I currently own SPW token which makes up about 1.5% of my portfolio. I currently do not know or aren't aware of knowing anyone personally from either Zilliqa or SpardaWallet other than following on twitter and telegram like everyone else. I am just a crypto junkie writing about what he likes and dislikes. Nothing provided in any articles should be considered Financial Advice of any kind.

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