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It is time to do the recap and then the giveaway. I want to thanks the @splinterlands team as they co-sponsored the last giveaway so the winner at the end will get a boost. I hope you all still take the time to check out the battle I plan to share today. It was a fun day of playing the game as I took part in a few tournaments. I didn't do as well as I hoped. Still, I am hoping to win a little bit.


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This time the battle is in a gold level rule tournament. I have done okay so far at 9 and 3 but lost a few battles that I could have done better in. I don't play gold often so I am not as strong on the good teams. If I finish strong I might stay in the rewards. Here is the link if you want to watch the battle. Still come back so I can give you the breakdown of the fight.


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Here is the match up to start. It is a 23 mana match with all cards playable in Earth, Death, or Dragon. The only special rule is Super Sneak. I had a bit of a hard time picked my team here. But in the end, I went with earth because I really think that flesh golem does well as a tank in this match with the self-heal and the combo of Stonesplitter Orc and Biceratops was just too good once you add-in Brownie and the Screeching Vulture. I toss the chicken there and thought maybe that was my one mistake may he should have been in front of the Vulture but it worked out well. I went against and Death team with a dragon summoner to lower my attack it was an interesting idea. To try tank double heal without really using the Super Sneak. He also used armor the slimeball to try and give my sneak guys some targets to kill before his mage. I really think his mistake was using the Pegasus. It made this line-up not target the same position. You have Spirit and Banshee attacking my first with the Tower Griffin while the other three will sneak attack. I never suggest splitting your targets like that. Either go sneak guys or go front row.


20200721 15_27_08Window.png


Here is round one about to start you can now see all the buffs and debuffs in place. I will say at this point it looks like a fair fight. But I am going to show you how bad splitting your attacks into two different positions can be. That is the main reason I wanted to show you this battle. I still make this mistake sometimes and always get mad at myself.


20200721 15_27_47Window.png


We get to round tow and was able to kill his last guy and hurt the Griffin as all my back row hit the last position. I even had an enraged chicken so that was cool to pull off. It turns out having him there was the right move as the Vulture just barely lived and now is about to get some more life. You can also see that he hit both my guys for okay damage but didn't kill anyone. At this point, the fight might look a bit even but it really over if you can see it. My first two attackers will kill the Griffen then my 4 speed Orc will kill the ooze. That will speed up my other guys making sure my golem gets in his self heal. The tow deaths give my vulture 3 life so he will survive also.


20200721 15_28_25Window.png


Well, that changed quickly, didn't it? Round 3 and this fight and looked pretty fair. Even levels and good cards on both sides turned into a beatdown. That can happen if you don't make sure to adjust your team to the rules and target one area. It can be all Snipers, All front, or all back but if you spread it out and your opponent doesn't you can only win if your cards are just way better. Also just a tip for Super Sneak. You don't always need the second tank healer. Sure his hunted spirit is at full life but he was never going to get hurt till the end in this format.


20200721 15_28_52Window.png


Round 4 is just delivering the last few blows. Now my team wouldn't always win. Like I said just one more front-row attacker and he might kill my golem and started to kill off my weak guys. But he just didn't have enough and in the end, my whole team survives the fight.




I hope you liked that one. I know it was a little bit of an easy win. I will consider showing myself making a mistake and losing as I did in my 3 losses today. Make sure to give some feedback on the post or the game and you can win 1000 DEC. I will use a random name picker to get the winner. Take care all. Oh and start playing if you're not, sign up here

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