Splinterlands rental market brings passive income to gaming.

By niallon11 | HIVE Blockchain | 9 Jul 2021

@Splinterlands has been at the very forefront of blockchain gaming since day one and have built one of the best and most popular blockchain games out there.

They have combined NFT's with a real use case in gaming and have built a thriving eco-system that is constantly under development.

Play to Earn.

Splinterlands launches its new in-game currency - Dark ...

The first big development from the game was the play to earn model which was made possible by building onto the Hive blockchain with it's fast, free transactions and ability to mint NFT's.


The game has grown in users, popularity and value over the past three years to reach new all time highs.



This model has given all of it's users the chance to make a profit from their daily gaming activity with just a small initial investment plus time. Or alternatively a larger investment that will buy a deck to play for higher rewards.

The same as any other game out there. The more that you want to put into it, then the easier it is to advance. Or option two where you can buy the spellbook for just $10 and then grind your way up the ranks to the same position.

Referral link for joining the game.

Once in the game you can earn in multiple ways.

  • Winning matches
  • Daily quests
  • Season reward
  • Trading cards

(These are all rewards in the form of DEC (Splinterlands in game currency) and NFT cards which are tradable across the Hive eco-system.)

All of this however requires time and effort. Hence the introduction of a proper rental system which will allow for passive earning as an investment without having to play all of the games.

Card rental system


I am massively excited about the latest development from the splinterlands team and that is even before we see the arrival of land and crafting in the game.

The rental market within the game will drive up the prices of cards since having them sitting in your wallet is no longer a wait and see type of investment.

It is now a way to earn from your cards while holding them securely in your wallet.

A way to earn passive income from the game without having to spend time playing.

Building another source of revenue within the cryptosphere.


Now players or investors can build a strong deck and automatically put them onto the rental market. The site itself will do all of the hard work in regards to renting, contracts and payments so that all you will need is a player willing to rent the card from you for as long as it is sitting on the market.


This will also give a chance for newer players to rise up the ranks quickly and easily with very little investment by renting a few good cards to compete at higher levels.

It is a win win scenario.


We feel that the ability to easily and trustlessly rent out cards to other players is one of the most unique and important features of Splinterlands. It provides the opportunity for players with large collections to earn passive income while simultaneously providing an opportunity for players who don't have the resources to buy cards to field competitive teams and grow their earnings.
Splinterlands Dev team

The most important part of the rental market is the ease of use which makes it very simple for all users to provide and rent the cards on the site.

How does it work?


Very, very simply is the answer.

You pick a card in your inventory.

  • Select it.
  • Click button for sale or rent.
  • Click rent card tab.
  • Set a daily price. (There is a suggested price but check the market.)
  • Click rent at the bottom of the box.

That's it.
Job done, until you no longer want to rent it out where you can cancel it's listing from the rental market.

I will take a rare gold summoner, "ALRIC STORMBRINGER" as one that I listed yesterday for rent.



A gold "ALRIC STORMBRINGER" at level *7 has 12 base cards combined and a listed value of over $1000,00.

For the past two years it has been sitting in my account and getting used occasionally but I have another maxed out water summoner so it is not essential.

As you can see I have set the rent on it at 180 DEC per day or $0.19 per day.

If hypothetically this card was rented out for the full year it would pay me $68.99 ( Around what I actually paid for it originally) or 6.9% APR at current market value.

I know that there are few players who would go for a card of this value but I have plenty smaller ones listed as well for much smaller amounts.

The main point being that with a reasonable amount of cards for rent, this could add up to thousands of dollars in passive income over the next few years as the game continues to grow and powerful cards are need to compete at the higher levels. Which are not in the price range for newer players.

Join the fun on Splinterlands and earn as you play.


Even better they also have a Hive based community at,

Where you can earn more for creating content and discussing the game. These can also be turned into more cards and keep growing your deck.

The possibilities opened up by crypto and blockchain are endless. We are only seeing the very start of it now.

Hive based apps are all linked by one immutable account making it easy to swap between the different apps and communities while being able to trade tokens and nft's for free.

You can sign up for a free account here,

Any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Until then, get gaming and earning.

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