Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Corrupted Pegasus

Splinterlands Legendary Card Profile - Corrupted Pegasus

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 20 Sep 2020

Beauty corrupted to dark majesty,
taken from bright, living sky,
Brought unto Mortis for eternity,
the Dark Lord's nightmarish ally.


Corrupted Pegasus

Splinter - Mortis

Set - Promo - Essence Orb

Class - Legendary Tank Healer

Size - Corrupted Pegasus are larger than their living relatives in Draykh-Nahka by about 50%, so they are slightly larger than a horse. Their wingspans on the other hand can stretch out as far as twelve feet.

Lifespan - A Corrupted Pegasus has lived a complete life and died in the Dragon Splinter of Draykh-Nahka before being reborn as a Dark Animal in Mortis. While to the Dragons the Pegasus are something of a nuisance, to the Dark Eternals they are one of the most majestic creatures imaginable. Special sorceries are cast on the beasts to make sure that they do not evolve toward the Dark Reality, the Lord of Darkness adores them so.

Weapon - The main weapon of a Corrupted Pegasus is its horn. Each horn is magically fortified with a powerful mix of dark matter and gorohite, an ultra rare mineral found only deep within the Black Glacier. The first Corrupted Pegasus to arrive in Mortis did not have a horn, ironically enough. The Lord of Darkness had been looking for a Unicorn. When a Pegasus was delivered, the Dark Lord was furious, for he had already promised notables a private viewing of his new Dark Unicorn. He ordered the missionary who brought the Pegasus to be put to life and magically grafted the horn to the head of the animal. Ever since, every Corrupted Pegasus has been affixed with a similar horn, hence the name corrupted.

Habitat - The lawn of Utopin’s Shrouded Palace is made of small obsidian pebbles. Corrupted Pegasus are expected to stay on this ground for the majority of their time. They have the ability to fly, but the Lord of Darkness must trust them to wander during the day and always find their way home.

Diet - As Dark Eternals, the Corrupted Pegasus have no need for food, but they are fed each day a mixture of dark matter in oats. This practice has been proven to sustain their healing powers.

Allies - Pegasus of Draykh-Nahka are skittish creatures, because they are always hunted by the wild Lightning Dragons, who have grown in number in recent years. When a Pegasus is enlisted by a Dark Missionary, they have but to die, then they will experience total freedom. Every Corrupted Pegasus that has been brought to the Dark Lord’s palace has been clearly happy with their new life. The Lord of Darkness has their unending loyalty.

Enemies - Corrupted Pegasus are always spooked by skeletons, and skeletons are everywhere in the Death Lands. When a skeleton comes near a Pegasus, the beast begins bucking wildly and flailing its horn. While the Pegasus are meandering in the front yard, the Dark Lord orders that all Skeletal Warriors enter the palace through the waste removal tunnel.

Pastimes - During the day, Corrupted Pegasus spend much of their time flying over the Raysco Mountains and stopping to investigate any strange things they may find. There are currently three Corrupted Pegasus in the care of the Dark Lord, and they always travel about in couples, leaving the third at home. The Lord of Darkness is actively seeking a fourth Pegasus so there doesn’t always have to be one left behind in the yard.


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