Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Naga Warrior

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Naga Warrior

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 30 Nov 2020

Water Naga win the day
In water or in air,
They'll take your gasping breath away,
Since they have breath to spare.


Naga Warrior


Naga Warrior_lv6.png


Splinter - ΛZMΛRÉ

Class - Tank

Size - Naga of the water are small, especially compared to the Naga of the Burning Lands and Draykh-Nahka. The Naga of ΛZMΛRÉ are however the only Naga that are entirely amphibious. They can breathe just as easily underwater as above. In addition to their reptilian lung, these Naga have gills that allow them to breathe in water with ease. The average water Naga is about two-thirds the size of a Human man.

Lifespan - Because of the extreme pressure on their small bodies by swimming so deeply, the Naga of the water never live past forty years, and most have been killed (or eaten) by something well before then. They live quick and dangerous lives, which is why their warriors attack with such brutal disregard for their own safety and well-being.

Habitat - Since Water Naga create simple homes out of already-existing structures (caves, shipwrecks), they can live anywhere they like in the wide oceans. The civilized population of Water Naga lives in the underwater metropolis of Poseidar, but the city Naga are only a small portion of all the Naga in the Splinterlands. They are merely the ones who have learned to play nice with others. Since Water Naga can swim at tremendous depths, they are able to freely come and go from ΛZMΛRÉ through the deep Core Water Channels. They can also breathe above water if they choose, but since the smell of air nauseates them, the Naga stay beneath the waves most of the time.

Weapon - Perhaps the most fabled weapon in all the Splinterlands, Naga daggers are as deadly as they are beautiful. Each weapon is crafted through delicate manipulation of ore and slowly imbued over time with the will of its maker. Naga weapon makers actually boast that their blades are as “alive as the lives they take.” Swords crafted by the Naga take many years to complete and are thus exceedingly rare, being reserved for the most revered warriors among the Naga tribes.

Diet - Even the civilized Naga of Poseidar have eating habits that most people consider utterly repulsive. They only eat meat raw. In fact, most Water Naga prefer the creature to still be fully alive and wiggling during the first bite. For Naga, the hunt is intrinsically connected to the meal; if they have not given chase, they are not interested. In the hunt, they often take far longer than necessary to capture their prey, a practice that has somehow proven to make the meat tastier to Naga children.

Allies - It is rumored that a large group of Water Naga living outside Poseidar has allied itself with the Mer Dark, and that they are currently making plans to sack the city for Medusa, the Gorgon Queen. Still, this is only a rumor. Naga rarely ally themselves with anyone; it is still a wonder that they are able to coexist in relative peace with the Merfolk. They are difficult people for any outsider to understand.

Enemies - Although the Water Naga of ΛZMΛRÉ manage to tolerate the Merfolk who share their underwater spaces, they still despise the air-breathing Umans. Very few Naga inhabit the shared city of Anenon, simply because Umans live there as well. The free-spirited Water Naga also tend to hate the Land Naga of Draykh-Nahka for their attempts to control the Splinterlands through the Dragons.

Pastimes - The water Naga are a playful people who generally avoid activities that they do not find enjoyable on some level. They tend to turn everyday events (such as the taunting and teasing of some helpless prey) into games that whole families can enjoy together.


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