Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Light Elemental

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Light Elemental

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 5 Feb 2021

Shine upon the dark ravine
The truth between the cracks,
For when it goes too long unseen
It grows teeth, then attacks.

Light Elemental

Light Elemental_lv6.png



Splinter - Khymeria - The Life Splinter

Set - Untamed

Class - Elemental Force of Light

Size - The only time that light can be given a size is when it is concentrated into its strongest and purest elemental form. The smaller the concentration of the light, the more powerful the creature that is manifested from it. The most skilled light Summoners are able to summon a Light Elemental so small that it could fit into a Goblin’s palm. Such light is incredibly unpredictable and dangerous.

Lifespan - Like all elemental monsters, Light Elementals haven’t much time to live in the Splinterlands. They are basically born at their moment of summoning, having been drawn from the light itself. They come to essence battle and do their duty, which is often completely out of the control of the one who summoned them. When they are vanquished in combat, or when the Summoner stops paying attention, the Light Elemental’s life abruptly ends in a pop and a flash.

Habitat - Elementals of light can only be summoned from areas in which light exists to begin with. For example, a Water summoner could never call a Light Elemental fathoms below the ocean’s surface simply because light cannot be found down there. Sometimes these Elementals can be summoned by the dim light of the moons or the stars, but Moonlight Elementals behave very differently than Sunlight Elementals. All light is not equal. Khymian Stormcasters are currently obsessed with learning the skill of summoning Light Elementals from lightning storms. They believe that such Elementals would carry all the power of the lightning, one of the greatest and most mysterious forces on the Planet.

Weapon - When light is used as a weapon, it can do much more than simply blind an enemy, and Light Elementals are capable of many types of attack. One of the Light Elementals’ favorite attacks is called Flashbuzz, which carries a hypnotic effect and usually makes the victim vomit uncontrollably. Another terrifying attack in their wheelhouse is called Beamburn. This attack concentrates the fullest power of the Elemental’s light into a piercing beam about the size of a thread. This beam can bore a hole into any living thing and burn it out from the inside.

Diet - Light Elementals do not eat. Some philosophers of Khymeria make the case that they consume darkness, but the meaning of this is mostly figurative.

Allies - Light is another element that has been unofficially claimed by the Summoners of Khymeria, the Life Splinter. Obviously light is not exclusive to this Splinter. There are plenty of Summoners throughout the Splinterlands with the skills to summon a Light Elemental, but those summoned by Life mages are always the most powerful. Most believe this is due to the Angels’ blood that flows through Khymian veins. The Angel of Light can summon and command Light Elementals in great numbers, perhaps even great enough to raise an army of light. The Elementals are always eager to please the Angel, who understands light better than anyone in the land.

Enemies - The enemies of light are almost always born from darkness, but darkness does not present as much of a threat to light as light does to darkness. A room that is light cannot be made dark by the entrance of a Darkness Elemental, but the presence of a Light Elemental will illuminate the darkest places. Only the Lord of Darkness and his Dark Astronomers have fully declared war on the light. They claim that they have created spells that bring dark to the light, using the power of the dark stars.

Pastimes - Light is a playful and curious element in nature. It shines at one time or another in even the darkest places.


The True Story of Splinterlands

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How did the corporations convince the players to pay this money? Loot. They showered the players with in-game riches designed to create a sense of accomplishment, but with no real value. Not only are these in-game "assets" entirely subject to the whims of corporate overlords who rarely (if ever) have the player's interests at heart, but they never really belong to the player at all. They belong exclusively to the game for which they were created. If a player wants to quit playing the game,  they must also abandon their in-game treasures.

Not anymore. In the last couple years, Play-to-Earn has rushed to the scene. Blockchains are giving power and ownership back to the players, and it's about time. In this incredible and rapidly expanding world of technology it seems like such an outdated argument to be making, but the players (not the company) should own their gaming rewards. Blockchain, non-fungible tokens and games like Splinterlands are now making that possible.

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