Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Ferexia General

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Ferexia General

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 16 Dec 2020

If you see one, turn and run,
But your fate is mostly sealed,
The burns from Generals' guns,
They simply can't be healed.

-poets of BalfairFerexia General


Ferexia General_lv6.png


Splinter - The Burning Lands

Set - Untamed

Class - Ferexia Commanding Officer

Habitat - The home base of a Ferexia General is in the city of Zalran, where they can be outfitted with all the comforts and luxuries that their station deserves. Generals however spend a great deal of their time traveling around the entire Splinter inspecting various outposts and stations for the Torch. In battle, they are expected to live on the battlefield, and obligated to die there if necessary.

Size - Ferexia Generals are typically standard Humans, but they have always been (and always will be) tall men. It is written in the sacred writings of the Torch (of which there are few) that the leaders of the army shall always be tall.

Lifespan - Generals are chosen from the most gifted of the most exceptional Ferexia Warriors, always Human or Efreet. They are usually given the rank of General at a young age, but this is because Generals are not expected to live to their natural end. It is a prestigious rank that comes with a great deal of pomp, but there is a saying in the Smoldering Forest: “General by twenty, worm food by thirty.” It’s not much of an exaggeration.

Weapon - The Fire Blaster is a simple-looking but surprisingly destructive weapon. It is not trusted in the hands of anyone but a Ferexia General, or anyone a Ferexia General hands it to. In the simplest possible terms, it blasts fire. Generals are also armed with swords and daggers, but when given the option of the Fire Blaster, blades just don’t do it for the Ferexia.

Diet - The higher ranks in the Ferexia army enjoy a well-balanced diet, compared to a typical resident of the Burning Lands. A Ferexia General, getting basically whatever he wants, will take his pick of meat, grain, vegetable or delicacy from anywhere in the Splinterlands. The Torch has always seen to the care of the bodies of their Generals.

Allies - It is absolutely imperative that Ferexia Generals recognize the authority of none but the Torch. They do not bother with diplomacy nor alliances; the Torch has specialists for that. Generals follow orders, and they are used for conquest and defense.

Enemies - The bitter feud between Khymeria and the Burning Lands continues as strongly as ever. Both sides have committed vile atrocities against the other, and apparently it is within the power of neither side to forgive. The military has a special and bitter hatred reserved for all the Khymian people. The Ferexia Generals are no exception.

Work - The history of the Ferexia is a long and bloody one. The Burning Lands has always been as overpopulated as it is inhospitable, and countless thousands of people have died in wars, feuds, plagues and disasters. The work of a Ferexia General has always been simple: To preserve Ferexia life, whatever the cost.

Pastimes - Ferexia Generals often have eccentric tastes in entertainment, a trait which has been theorized to come from their high-pressure job. General Piro for example, enjoys taking vacations to Beluroc, the living lands of Mortis, where he can listen to the seven-hour concerts of the famed Screaming Choir. General Yuto spends his time training a special unit of what he calls war chickens. They still have the appearance of normal chickens.


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