I Just Purchased my First PHYSICAL NFT, Thanks to Gala Games!

I Just Purchased my First PHYSICAL NFT, Thanks to Gala Games!

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 7 Dec 2020

Most of us around these parts have known for some time that non-fungible tokens are the future. While the whole ecosystem still has some crucial developments ahead, NFTs are already changing what it means to be a collectible.


NFTs have the potential to solve the huge ownership and intellectual property problems that have plagued collectibles since the early days of the internet. Blockchains allow provable asset ownership. One of the most exciting ways (for me) that this can be applied to collectibles is through digital COAs (certificates of authenticity). 

I love trading and collecting NFTs. No matter the blockchain (Ethereum, WAX, HIVE, Flo, etc.), there is excitement to be found and money to be made in trading these provably-owned assets. I do a little trading every day! While I have barely scratched the surface of the NFT art space (which promises to reward artists with the value they truly deserve), I am all over the NFT collecting world.

I have collected GPK Series 1 and 2, William Shatner cards, Blockchain Heroes, KOGs, Alien Worlds, and of course, Splinterlands. My wallets are now filled to nearly bursting with collectibles and in-game assets of all sorts. Some of them are incredibly rare, and some are common, but all are truly unique pieces of history that will always be remembered.

Today, with the purchase of my very first physical NFT, I have kicked the collection up to a whole new level.

Behold the Minotaur King!


Gala Games has teamed up with BRAVE in a killer promotion for their upcoming blockchain RPG, Mirandus. With the BRAVE Shield on his back, the Minotaur King stands proudly within a beautiful crystal encasement. But that's not all.

Each of the 100 crystals is laser-etched with a unique redemption code that unlocks ownership of the Minotaur King NFT - This NFT will have utility in the upcoming Mirandus game (which I intend to play... a lot.).

This amazing collaboration should bring the concept home for a lot of people who haven't quite figured out the scope of it yet. Physical collecting connected to NFT in-game utility in a Play-to-Earn game brought to you by the same folks who created Townstar, Zynga, Words with Friends and Farmville. This. Is. Huge. The tides are turning, and power is returning to the players. I could not be more thrilled to be a pioneer in this space.


If you haven't yet joined Gala Games, what exactly are you waiting for? It's free to set up an account, they have an exquisite referral program, and best of all, you can earn for playing. The Townstar Winter Championship is on now with the next game beginning in less than 24 hours.


Mirandus is currently in the presale stage with the game to be released some time next year. You can now purchase deeds to in-game properties, everything from a Grain Stand to one of four 1 of 1 Citadels, the ownership of which would make you one of the Kings of Mirandus!

Join the Gala Games Discord community, where every Monday throughout December they will be giving away 50,000 Dark Energy Crystals in a combined promotion with Splinterlands. More about that in THIS POST.


Play-to-Earn is just getting started, and it's moving fast. If you're not watching closely you might miss something. Watch. Closely.

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