Win Dark Energy Crystals by Supporting GALA Games and Splinterlands!

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 4 Dec 2020

Splinterlands has recently partnered with GALA Games, a well-known company in the Play-to-Earn space with big plans and even bigger connections! Founded by some of the same folks that brought you Words with Friends, Zynga and Farmville, GALA is already making huge strides in the blockchain gaming industry.

Splinterlands and GALA have both been incredibly busy with constant wins, updates and innovations, but now it is time to start exploring the true value that these two amazing companies together can bring to players-to-earn all over the world. 


Your first chance to win with GALA and Splinterlands is with this weekly giveaway of 50,000 Dark Energy Crystals in the GALA Games Discord Community. 


1. Create a Splinterlands Account at
2. Create a GALA Games Account at Gala.Games
3. Join both the GALA and Splinterlands Discord Communities
4. Fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM (including Splinterlands name, GALA address, and Discord name)
5. Wait for the announcement of 3 winners on EACH MONDAY until the end of the year!
6. Keep on the lookout for something BIG... coming soon!

The TownStar Winter Championship

If you have not yet played TOWNSTAR, what better time is there to begin than the Winter Championship? It's fun and free to play, and if you build your town cleverly enough, you can win some incredible crypto prizes!

Townstar is a worldwide competitive town-building game in which players make and craft goods and sell them cities. The goal is to make the best, most productive and streamlined town on the whole world map. The game's design is beautiful; game play is relaxing, yet intensely competitive. The founders of Gala know how to build a game for millions of players to love.


Mirandus and More!

Gala Games is also currently in the presale stage of their upcoming blockchain role-playing game, Mirandus. Land deeds are currently being sold for the Mirandus world, including 4 exclusive opportunities to be one the KINGS of Mirandus! While TownStar is already well into beta gameplay, Mirandus is still in pre-alpha, where it is being eagerly anticipated by the entire Play-to-Earn community.


The initial leaked images and clips of gameplay have been quite extraordinary, and people all over the cryptosphere can hardly wait for the beta release of Mirandus!

Also, check out this incredible Physical NFT Crystal Minotaur King being sold in the Brave Store! Each crystal sculpture is laser engraved with a unique code that gives the owner access to a Mirandus NFT! Pretty sweet stuff!

Make sure to join the GALA and Splinterlands Discord communities, not only to be eligible for the Dark Energy Crystal giveaways, but so you don't miss any of the exciting news on the horizon for either of these incredible projects!


Stay Epic, Splinterlanders, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

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Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

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