Cornealus - Legendary Monster Profile

Cornealus - Legendary Monster Profile

By Chris Roberts | SplinterLore | 13 Jul 2020

Of all the senses, give me sight,
If I can have no more.
Bring me to the morning light
And stare me 'til my soul is sore.

Cornealus: If you see it, it can see you.


Splinter - All Splinters

Set - Untamed

Class - Legendary Ranged Attacker

Size - 16 Chickens

Lifespan - Cornealus have fallen upon the Splinterlands in recent times only. By most, they are considered one of the many plague-creatures that come with the fulfillment of the dreaded Untamed Prophecies. They are so young that there is no telling how long they live, if they reproduce, or even if they can die. One thing that is known: Sightings of Cornealus have been increasing in frequency in all Splinters. Rest assured, if you see one, it has already been watching you for some time.

Weapon - In a similar way to the Lightning Dragons, Cornealus have a special relationship with electrical energy. They are limited to a single projectile attack, but ut is a powerful one that travels at the speed of light. Cornealus have no limbs with which to hold weapons, but the long, ropey veins that dangle beneath the eyeball creature can be controlled and in some cases, used to hold a victim down.

Habitat - The Cornealus have shown no patterns in where they prefer to live. They seem to rather wander aimlessly through the Splinterlands. Since they hover just several feet above the ground, Cornealus can cross water as easily as land, but there are always larger monsters beneath the waves ready to eat them. The floating eyeballs have no rest. They never stop in anything like a lair, shelter or home. It could almost be observed that they have a single purpose in life: To watch everything.

Diet - Cornealus do not “eat” by conventional standards, especially since they have no mouths. Using three special retractable tendrils hidden within the undercarriage, the Cornealus sucks nutrients from any organic matter on the ground. This process is similar to the way a bee pollinates a flower, but a Cornealus can suck nutrients from any organic matter.

Allies - A hundred miles beneath the surface of the Planet, an ancient guardian of Chaos waits, plots, and thanks to the help of the Cornealus and the Untamed, he watches. They are his eyes. His ears will soon be released into the Splintral skies, and one day, his great fist would crush the borrowers of the Planet. Squandering fools who know not what is at their fingertips.

Enemies - Cornealus do nothing to earn the trust of anyone around them. They are always silently watching, and they are vile and vicious when approached, attacking at the slightest provocation. The Lord of Darkness has assigned Missionary Soldiers to follow them, hoping to learn something about their mission. The Gloridax are actively making plans to wipe the new species from the Splinterlands, even though they make for an enjoyable show in the arena.

Pastimes- The time of a Cornealus is spent slowly wandering, spinning gradually from side to side to take in as much visual information as possible. Cornealus are always alone. They can sometimes be seen hovering through the streets of cities. They pay no heed to the people, unless they are attacked, in which case lightning hell breaks loose and the city burns.

History - On the north side of Mount Mox, where all is dark and overgrown and no arena spectators dare to stray, there is a strange geyser. This geyser has not been beheld by anyone in the Splinterlands, for it is newly formed. It bore itself straight out of the ground, around the same time that various prophecies and warnings began spreading throughout the land. These prophecies have become known as Untamed. In truth, the geyser is as ancient as evil itself.

As the Wizards’ Council has been experimenting with powerful and chaotic forms of magic from their high mountain lair, many overpowered storms have formed. Some of these have resulted in what can only be described as “blankets of lightning.” The Wizards (so haughty in their presumed omniscience) do not worry about the dangers of the storms, since they are far away from all cities and homes. What the Wizards fail to see is that magic does not simply dissipate into the air; the excess must be channeled into a new carrier. When the lightning from the Wizards’ spells strikes the ancient geyser, something extraordinary happens: A Cornealus is born.


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