Splinterlands Presents DYGYCON - November 28th

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 18 Nov 2020

What is DYGYCON?

DYGYCON is a brand new virtual event brought to you by the Splinterlands team. With live auctions, talks from partner experts, exclusive NFTs, spawn prizes and more, DYGYCON will surely be the 2020 event you won’t soon forget. Years from now, you may look back and brag to friends about how YOU were at the very first DYGYCON.


As the world has been rocked by the pandemic, companies have been scrambling to find ways to make connections, to network as they did before. Conventions have been cancelled, travel plans have been ruined and everyone is working at home. Still, business must be done. In some ways, there are even greater opportunities for effective collaboration, but only if we build the right kind of event.


GAMERJIBE - The DYGYCON Virtual Expo is more than just a virtual building. It will be a 24/7 virtual experience for not only Splinterlanders, but for anyone looking for a fresh and fun way to gather their communities.


Starting November 28th DYGYCON will always be open, ready to be wandered and explored. Presenter booths will be displayed all month, leading up to the main event at the end of each month. This means that our sponsors, partners and presenters’ projects will receive genuine attention throughout the month as our marketing team encourages the wide and diverse blockchain community to explore DYGYCON.

It is our intention to not only grow the success of our own Splinterlands brand, but also to do everything we can to support the other amazing projects and products in this industry. We think that we hold a unique ability to facilitate lasting relationships that will produce incredible things for years to come. DYGYCON is the way, and we sincerely hope you’ll join us.

The Main Event

On November 28th we open the 'doors' to DYGYCON at 12PM EST. The event space is browser-based (desktops only at this time- mobile possibilities to come!). After a quick and painless signup you'll spawn into the Welcome area where you can personalize your avatar and get to know your controls. We'll be auctioning off rare NFTs and art, playing games, and giving away prizes.

Free to attend!

That's right! This first event is free to enter! You'll simply connect to another social media site (or email) and enjoy all the fun!

Interested in showcasing YOUR project, business, or game? Do you have a rare NFT you'd like to auction? Get in touch. For more information email [email protected].


See you on the battlefield!


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Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

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