PRESS RELEASE - Splinterlands Completes NFT Bridge to the WAX Blockchain

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 20 Feb 2021

Media, PA - February 19

In the completion of a Splinterlands development that has been several months in the making, the leading blockchain trading card game has added the ability to transfer its digital assets (NFTs) to WAX. As of February 19th, Splinterlands items including individual cards, tokenized Booster Packs, and claims to plots of land in the upcoming Splinterlands Land Expansion can be traded on WAX.

A core part of Splinterlands’ mission has always been promoting and facilitating interoperability of different blockchains. While the game is built on the HIVE blockchain for its fast and free transactions and simple onboarding experience, the Splinterlands team realizes that NFTs are bigger than any one blockchain. For the best possible play-to-earn and own-your-experience gaming, players should be able to buy and sell assets on the platform (or blockchain) of their choice.

A similar bridge was established for the Ethereum blockchain nearly a year ago, and while it has been rarely used by Splinterlands players and collectors due to the varying and unpredictable network fees associated with Ethereum, this bridge was one of the first examples in the industry of the groundbreaking possibilities of NFTs being transferable from blockchain to blockchain.

For this release, Splinterlands has teamed up with Atomic Hub, the leading NFT marketplace on WAX which has hosted the majority of collectible, gaming and art NFT releases on WAX since mid 2020. There is now a dedicated Splinterlands subdomain at containing the peer-2-peer market for Splinterlands assets, which are issued by the WAX collection called “splintrlands” (due to character limitation for custom WAX addresses.)

Sending cards to WAX is as easy for Splinterlands players as selecting WAX as the destination when sending through the interface with which they are already familiar. The asset will automatically be “minted” in that player’s linked WAX wallet within moments of sending.

This integration has been a long time in the making and we are very much looking forward to bringing Splinterlands into the WAX ecosystem and bringing the WAX community into Splinterlands. We also expect and hope that this will be the first of many integrations and promotions between Splinterlands and the WAX ecosystem going forward.

-Matt Rosen, Splinterlands co-founder and CTO

Visit for the complete announcement of the WAX integration, which includes instructions for sending and receiving assets to WAX and all necessary details.

Media Contact: Carrie Allen, Splinterlands Marketing Director - [email protected]

This press release was written by Chris Roberts, Splinterlands Director of Content. Feel free to use these words and share to the media outlet, publisher or platform of your choice.


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Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

Content Director for Splinterlands


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