Splinterlands has Revealed the Third Untamed Airdrop Summoner!

Next Legendary Summoner Airdrop Revealed!

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 12 Jun 2020

The Splinterlands team has finally announced the release of the third highly-anticipated Legendary Untamed Summoner (and not a moment too soon)!

Untamed and Airdrops

Every time 100,000 Booster Packs of Splinterlands Untamed cards are sold, another AIRDROP is triggered. Anyone who has purchased packs from Splinterlands up to the Airdrop is eligible to receive it. The more Packs that have been purchased, the greater the chances to receive these Legendary cards, which have previously not been available in Booster Packs.


Today, with around 14,000 Booster left to trigger the Airdrop, the details of the next Legendary Summoner were dropped. That means that if you still haven't purchased your Untamed Booster Packs, there is time left, but not much.


Here is the Next Summoner to be Released...

Chanseus the Great!

Chanseus the Great, in Standard and Gold Foil

Traditionally, Splinterlands Summoners have only buffs and debuffs, that either enhance or decrease the stats of the monsters on the battlefield. With Chanseus, the realm of Summoners is really expanding to include abilities, some of which are the same as the monsters'.

For example, Chanseus will be able to not only Repair the armor of his team, but with the Triage ability, he will also heal those in the back row once per round. Finally, his ability of Resurrection makes him only the third card in the game that can bring a monster back to life. As a Summoner, Chanseus is bound to shake things up in the Splinterlands universe!

To read the original announcement with all the details on, click HERE!

Previous Aidrops

The previous two Legendary Summoners that were airdropped to purchasers of Untamed Packs have been huge hits. They are Mimosa Nightshade and Yodin Zaku.

Mimosa Nightshade

Yodin Zaku

Both of these Legendary Summoner characters were designed by high-tier backers of our 2019 Kickstarter Campaign. Many backers were rewarded with the opportunity to design cards, lore characters, boss fights and more.

How Rewarding is Splinterlands?

It is too rewarding to describe every aspect in this update post. These Legendary Airdropped Summoners are only one small example of the ways that Splinterlands players are constantly rewarded for their play. For a one-time purchase of the $10 Summoner's Spellbook Upgrade, you can earn rewards forever with Splinterlands.

If you would like a complete rundown on Splinterlands rewards, visit THIS POST.


Stay tuned for Chanseus's origin story, which will be posted soon on SplinterLore!

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