Here Comes the Next Untamed Airdrop!

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 31 May 2021

We're going through these last few Untamed airdrops the way that a great white shark rips through a meal that didn't swim quite fast enough! And speaking of terrifying ocean creatures, it is our pleasure to introduce the latest Epic airdrop character card...

The Gorlodon!

Once this airdrop has been completed, there will only be one Untamed airdrop left. That means that there will only be 200,000 Untamed Booster Packs remaining in the total supply, or roughly 13%. 

Huge things have been happening in Splinterlands recently. We're seeing massive growth across the board, the ecosystem is looking healthy as ever, and the upcoming release of the SPS Governance token (starting in July) was just announced. Throw in the typical FOMO that can be expected when we're in the home stretch of our current set of cards and no one can guess just how quickly the last packs will go! 

And remember, purchased packs do not have to be opened. Plenty of players will be stacking packs with intentions to sell them post sellout on one of the secondary markets for tokenized packs (HIVE-Engine, AtomicHub), but it is highly likely that they will be marked up with a sold out premium. As far as the airdrop, packs need only be purchased to be eligible for the upcoming airdrops. It is not necessary that they are opened. 

Card Design Backstory


This card was created in collaboration with UltraRare, the folks that brought the world the hit collectible card series on WAX, The Horrors. During DYGYCON 2.0, an exclusive set of collectibles known as Horrors of the Splinterlands was released, with special perks promised to those who collected (and held) all 6 cards from the set in their Splinterlands-linked WAX wallets. We've got a special Gorlodon-related surprise reward for you collectors who held all your Horrors of the Splinterlands cards! Stay tuned for more info on that very soon... Make sure to check our official blog on

Airdrop Details

Once the airdrop is triggered, this Death Splinter Epic card will be dropped to everyone who has purchased Untamed Booster Packs during the life of the set. Your chances of receiving one (or more) will depend on the total number of Booster Packs you have purchased from

The average odds of receiving the Gorlodon are approximately 1 in 80 packs, but as with our previous airdrops, no one who has purchased 80 packs will miss out. Players are guaranteed 1 Gorlodon for every 80 Untamed Packs they have purchased.

To learn more about how these airdrops work, check out THIS POST.

Here are the stats of the terrifying Death beast:

It's got Reach, True Aim and Enrage. It comes with a powerful Melee attack and ridiculously high Health (even at level 1). Even for those playing at Bronze and Silver Leagues, the 9 mana cost will often be worth it with this monstrosity. 

Of course, after the airdrop, you'll find the Gorlodon if you're lucky in some of the remaining Untamed packs and on the secondary market.

Gorlodon Lore

Among the deep water horrors of the Splinterlands, there is one so frightening that even the bravest pirates dare not mention its name for fear of being cursed. This creature appears to have been loosed upon the Splinterlands from the most treacherous waters of Praetoria at the same time as the Wizard’s Veil was lifted, as if it was held prisoner by the Council’s magic then suddenly released in an unforeseen consequence.

Fortunately, the Gorlodon is so large that it cannot approach land masses in close proximity. Unfortunately the giant is highly prone to fits of rage, which it unleashes against any ships that come near its waters by ripping them to splinters. The Gorlodon has not wandered south, as it is presumed that it could never squeeze through the waters of the Burning Strait which separates the Burning Lands from Mortis. It has found a comfortable home in the Splinter Sea south of Praetoria, sometimes crossing west into the Primordic waters where it can torment the larger sea monsters that roam there.

Even though the Gorlodon has destroyed several Dark Eternal ships out of Galzur (including Yir Herigoth, the largest missionary vessel in the fleet), the terrifying sea giant has won the affection of the Dark Lord of Mortis, who has adopted the Gorlodon as a sort of guardian of the Death Splinter. The Lord of Darkness even sacrificed over a hundred scouts in an attempt to capture the Gorlodon’s likeness for submission to the great Moxian tournaments. A scaled down essence of the beast now represents the Death Splinter and terrifies massive Mount Mox audiences on a daily basis.


See you on the battlefield!

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