Untamed AIRDROPS - An Epic Splinterlands Reward

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 11 Jan 2021

One of the unsung heroes of Splinterlands is the Untamed Airdrop. Players who are new to the game may not be familiar with the sheer power of these beauties, but with the next one now looming on the horizon, they are about to find out!

At the time of posting this article, about 5000 Booster Packs remain to be sold before the new airdrop card is released, so there is still time to pick up eligible Booster Packs for this round!


AIRDROPS = Free Stuff

If you have been around in crypto for more than a couple weeks, chances are you've heard of an airdrop in one form or another. Airdrops are exactly what they sound like. A digital asset or collectible is dropped as a reward to those who qualify to receive it. In the wider world of crypto, airdrops can take many forms. Sometimes they are used as a way to distribute a new token or collectible to existing communities, as in "those who hold X will receive Y amount of Z". Other times, they are used to assist in hard forks and migration, as in "holders of X will receive an equal amount of Y.Sometimes they are used as publicity efforts to simply get more attention to a new project, as in "sign up with your email and receive X."

No matter the form taken by airdrops, they are always very exciting for those who qualify, because let's be honest... who doesn't love free stuff? Now let's talk Splinterlands airdrops!

Free Splinterlands Cards!


This method of rewarding purchasers of Untamed Booster Packs began way back at the beginning of the Untamed Expansion, and here's how it works...

For every 100,000 Booster Packs sold, a new airdrop card is released.

On the Splinterlands Shop page, you'll find a progress bar that shows how many packs remain until the next airdrop. Once the progress bar reaches 0, the airdrop is triggered and the new card is distributed to players! Following the airdrop, that card will be available in Untamed Booster Packs, with drop chances based on its rarity (just like normal).


Based on how many Boosters have been purchased, players are eligible to receive the airdropped cards.

The most important thing to remember is that Packs purchased are cumulative, meaning the total number of packs you have purchased determine your eligibility, not just packs purchased in that round. So if you bought 500 Booster Packs prior to the first Untamed airdrop, you have been eligible for each and every airdrop since. Not only have you probably raked in some incredible free cards since then, but every additional Booster Pack you have purchased has also been added to your total!


Details of the Drop

Much like when opening Booster Packs, the details of your personal airdrop in each round is dependent on several variables.

Rarity - Most of the airdropped cards to date have been Legendaries, which has made their "drop rate" lower than any other rarity of card in order to match the chances you would have had to pull them from Booster Packs. The most recent airdropped card was the Scarred Llama Mage, a Legendary Summoner. Because chances of pulling this card from Booster Packs is exceedingly rare, the average drop rate for this card was 1 in every 450 Packs. However, because the next Untamed airdrop card is an Epic (Beatrix Ironhand), chances of winning them in the airdrop are much greater. So with the next airdrop, the average will be 1 in every 65 packs!

Additionally, there are guarantees built in, to ensure that no unlucky folks miss out on the airdrops. So for the Llama, everyone who had purchased 450 Packs was guaranteed to receive at least 1. For the upcoming Beatrix Ironhand, everyone who has purchased 65 packs will be guaranteed at least 1.

We have heard incredible stories of players who have only purchased one or two packs receiving Legendary airdrops. Just like when opening Booster Packs, anything is possible! The great thing about these airdrops is that they are 100% bonus. They are awarded to players who have already made purchases on top of all the cards they have already opened!

Remember - airdrop cards can also be Gold Foil versions, depending on regular drop chances (2% chances of being Gold Foil)!

Chronology - Drop chances also depend on how far we have gone through the entire Untamed set. Total supply, distribution and circulation are an extremely delicate balancing act in Splinterlands. Following the airdrop, these cards can always be found in future Untamed Booster Packs, where normal drop rates apply. The closer we are to selling out of the entire set, the more cards will be magically airdropped, allowing the supply to catch up and players to stack incredible rewards!

RNG (Random Number Generation) - Like every time Booster Packs are opened and cards are flipped, there is a roll of the dice element in play. This is why most of our players are so excited about airdrops. Sometimes you will get lucky and jump for joy, while other times you may be disappointed and have to wait until you find the airdropped card in a Booster Pack. Luck-increasing Potions do not apply the way they do in regular Booster Packs, but you can always increase your chances of receiving airdrop cards by simply buying more Packs!

Airdrop History


Every airdrop card has been an excellent addition to the game, but some have really stood out. Some of these Legendary Summoners (such as the elusive Yodin Zaku) will even go down in Splinterlands history, being remembered extraordinary cards.

The next airdrop (Beatrix Ironhand) is an Epic card, but even she will bring a brand new ability to the game, giving everyone a reason to cheer. This ability is Close Range, which will allow Range attackers to attack from first position, just like in the Close Range ruleset!

Here are the Splinterlands official posts with the announcements of each of the previous airdropped cards, if you would like to stroll down memory lane as you get hyped for the upcoming Beatrix Ironhand drop!











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