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By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 17 Dec 2020

Happy Holidays to all Splinterlanders far and wide! To all those who are unable to be with loved ones this holiday season, we sincerely hope you find some warmth, comfort and holiday cheer with your Splinterlands friends on the floors of the battle arenas!

There have been many exciting things happening in the Splinterlands world, and without the Gold Foil Press to keep you in the know, you might miss something, so be sure to tell your friends and share this SUBSCRIPTION LINK with them if they have not yet signed up for the email list.


The Praetorian Land Sale
Final Discounted Presale! December 19th

The third and final presale stage of the PRAETORIAN LAND SALE is only two days away!


Many have entered the presale lottery to stake their claims, but more claims for Plots, Tracts and Regions are available. Saturday’s presale will be the last chance for players, collectors and investors to claim land at a discounted price (30%), but that’s not all! Saturday’s Stage 3 will also be the very last chance to acquire a Raffle Ticket for every single dollar spent on Land. In this historic Raffle, over $100,000 in Splinterlands prizes will be given away at a TBD date and time in January. These prizes include not only Regions, Tracts and Plots, but exclusive Totems of varying degrees of rarity and untold value. These Totems will offer special production bonuses on Praetorian Land,  the details of which you’ll find in THIS RECENT POST from Splinterlands.

The final Presale will go live at 11am EST on Saturday, December 19th. Claims are expected to sell quickly, so players are encouraged to purchase them early by entering the Presale Lottery which is already open and taking reservations. If the number of entered Plots in the Presale Lottery exceeds the number of Plots available (30,000), then winners will be selected on Saturday using a provably fair method. Anyone not selected in this case will receive a full refund, after which they must wait for the final sale before next year’s Land Expansion release.

Remember, you can purchase Land with either Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) or Splinterlands Credits. DEC are available on UNISWAPTRONTRADEHIVE-ENGINE, and through burning Splinterlands cards.

Good luck adventurers! May you all find the Wizards’ land that you seek; may it be bright, fruitful, and free of monsters!

Blockchain Heroes: First Strike


On Tuesday, December 15th, the Blockchain Heroes collectible NFT Series on the WAX blockchain released their second set of trading cards, accompanied by a special Splinterlands promotion. For players with linked WAX wallets, every 50 Untamed Booster Packs purchased earned them a Titan Pack of 30 cards from the Blockchain Heroes sale, valued at $24 each. The promotion was a smashing success with 250 redemptions, facilitating the growth of both ecosystems and striking a powerful blow to the evil centralizers!

Additionally, a special hero was discovered in the Blockchain Heroes Megaverse called the Hero of Beyond. Although he was first released as a Blockchain Hero, his destiny pulls him toward the Splinterlands of his creation, where an even greater battle awaits. Read the strange story of the Hero’s origin HERE.

Watch for the release of this historic and heroic crossover character in an upcoming Untamed airdrop, when his true destiny is finally revealed!

Blockchain Heroes    

KOGs 2nd Edition Promotion


In similar fashion to last week’s Be Heroic Promotion with Blockchain Heroes, we've launched a brand new promotion with KOGS!

KOGs (Keys to Other Games) by RFOX Games is gearing up for the release of the first playable version of their Pogs-inspired game before the end of their year, and everyone is talking about the release of their 2nd Edition Collector’s set.

From now until that release on December 21st @ 6PM EST, every 50 Booster Packs purchased by players with linked WAX wallets, they will receive 1 KOGs Collector’s Starter Pack, valued at $30. These Collector’s Packs will be sold only during a three-hour window on the 21st, then never again, so this promotion presents a rare opportunity to reserve them before the sale!


Splinterlands Joins Forces with MakerDAO, Accepts DAI


We have recently announced yet another exciting partnership with one of the most well-known stable coin ecosystems in cryptocurrency. DAI is a stable, decentralized currency that does not discriminate. With MakerDAO, any individual or business can realize the advantages of digital money.

With this partnership, MakerDAO will help us promote the game and contribute money to tournament prizes, and in exchange Splinterlands has added DAI to its list of accepted cryptocurrencies in game.

Learn more about MAKERDAO.

On New Year’s Eve, this epic Crawl Tournament will take place in two separate events, with approximately $2400 in total prizes being offered by one of our favorite partners, Gala Games!


Custom created for the Gala Games community, this tournament will be the perfect way to end the Splinterlands year. The Gala Gala will be covered by and hundreds of dollars in additional bonus prizes will be provided by Splinterlands for spectators, streamers and shares as added incentives to make a truly unforgettable tournament event like no other.

The first tournament is at 5:00am UTC on December 31st.
The second tournament is at 8:00pm UTC on December 31st.

Tickets of entry will be sold as items in the TOWNSTAR SHOP, with a small entry fee that will be payable in GALA, the coin of Gala Games. Players must have accounts created with both Gala and Splinterlands to participate, but no Summoner’s Spellbook upgrade is required to enter.

The Great Gala Gala will be hosted by Splinterlands, sponsored by Gala, and powered by Don’t miss it.

Tournament Press Release

Splinterlands wishes you and yours a very happy new year! May all your quests be easily accomplished, and may all your chests contain Gold Foil Legendaries!




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