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In the depths of the Anumün forest live the children of the forest, these children have grown up in a wild environment and their contact with other humans has been quite limited, so be careful if you meet one of them, it is not possible to know how he may react.

Personally, I think the Child of the Forest is a very good card, it has decent damage and excellent speed, something very noticeable in cards that are designed to do damage.

This time the Spliterlands weekly challenge is to use this card in battle, do you think it will be easy? Let's see...


Child of the Forest abilities


ability_snipe.png Snipe
I really like this ability in archers, it is very powerful, and very useful if we are facing tanks like Arianthus or the cube which are very used. ability_snare.png Snare
The Child of the Forest acquires this ability from level 5, this skill helps to eliminate the advantage that monsters have with flying, it can be useful in earthquake battles. Although it can be complicated to find the right scenario to take advantage of this ability.


Some statistics


According to the Splinterlands Meta Snapshot, The Child of the Forest is a moderately used card, with a very good performance, standing out in the Bronze and Diamond leagues.

In general, the Child of the forest is used 3% of the time, and it manages to beat 62% of the times it is used, unfortunately we don't have statistics of this card in the Champion league, for now.







Let's see the Child of the Forest in action in the following battle.

vEZkk1P.png Ruleset: Armored Up Mana Cap: 20 Active Splinters: Fire, Water, Earth, Death, Dragon.


The line up


Wizard.png Wizard of Eastwood
This summoner basically overrides the armored up ruleset, I think of the rare untamed summoners this is one of the best. cube.png Biceratops
A low mana cost mid-tank, excellent for summoning stronger monsters in other positions. l2DDSvgi-chicken.png Furious Chicken
Taking advantage of the zero mana cost of the chicken, it provides an extra layer of protection for the damage dealers behind it. charriot.png Spirit Miner
I recently up this baby to level 3 and it's a multipurpose beast, good damage points combined with very useful abilities. 3NCba1fe-goblincheef.png Goblin Chef
Their toxic arrows of affliction will help nullify any enemy cure. woodnymph.png Brownie
Speed is important, we already have the spirit miner going up a speed point, but we know it's never too much. RRQzEt2h-childoftheforest.png Child of the Forest
Our special guest of the week, will be in charge of doing damage behind enemy lines.


The Battle



The strategy work?

We are facing a pretty strong enemy, in the front line is Lord Arianthus at his highest level, fortunately our Child of the Forest will simply pass from him, but wait... Oh! There is also a Dragonling Bowman at the highest level aiming at our Child of the Forest at the head, let's hope Brownie and the Spirit Miner give us enough speed to avoid their attacks.


In the first turn we managed to avoid the deadly attack of the Dragonling Bowman but Lord Arianthus proved to be a threat to the Spirit Miner, we must end this quickly if there is a chance to win.

In the second turn our Child of the Forest manages to knock down the enemy Undead Priest, who kept that annoying curse on the team, now everyone has one more point of life and the victory doesn't look so improbable.

Each of the elements of our team did their job as ants, leaving sweat and blood on the battlefield, even our chicken pecked on Arianthus' head causing him a significant point of damage, Speed along with the Blind and Dodge of the Spirit miner were fundamental in a battle where the little ones behaved like big ones







Thanks for taking the time to read my post & don't hesitate to leave your comment, see you at the game.


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Splinterlands Meta Snapshot
Splinterlands Meta Snapshot

Splinterlands metagame analysis and statistics.

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