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Scorecard #2 - Splinterlands Goes Bonanza

By m3ss | Splinterlands - Face First! | 1 Aug 2021

As a great woman once said, "Big badaboom".

Splinterlands seems to have been discovered int he past week and the price of everything had been climbing rapidly each day. I think it's really important when focusing on many projects to not lose track of all the others when one is booming. I've got a lot to say here and, just for this week, we're gonna talk about Splinterlands last this week.

Rising Star

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 7.13.58 PM.png

The quest to become a Starbits Millionare continues. We're about a quarter of the way there and, after months of not really feeling any focus to my Rising Star play, the longterm goal feels more like focus that boredom. Honestly, the slow build of using Record Staking to store my collection while building the million bits to be able to get a Starbits Millionare card is the kind of patience building quest I love.

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 7.19.14 PM.png

This longer-term metric tracking is also helping me see how little I'm really earning from record staking. I've found this frusterating more than a few times but there just isn't a better option that I know of for someone who is looking to build up their first million. If I was looking to spend this money there would be a variety of good options but, to save it, this is the best staking option.

Essentially I'm doing as many high paying 100% missions as I can a day interspersed with quick 15% when needed and, when those feed the "doing too often" message, transitioning to GIFT chairity missions as needed. I'll be doing this until atleast level 75 but then. I get to start building my band!

Slow and steady!

Lost Relics

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 7.31.42 PM.png

The Lost Relics market can be a cold mistress and, after weeks of playing it like a fiddle, I took some huge losses this week when the entire market dropped while I was fully invested. This meant a loss of like 40,000 gold so I'm really happy to see that I somehow still added almost 75,000 gold to my accounts value in that same week. This must have come from other trades I've made, the gold I've pulled in selling any bronze reward chests and mysterious scrolls I get as quest rewards, and the raw number of materials I'm reaching town with each day even when only doing a run or two.

I think it's also worth noting that I've not been neglecting my skill development and I've used dozens of raw fish and various herbs to level up and create the healing items that keep me alive in my runs.


I bought a stack of cheap clockchain katanas with my sitting Shadowshards because nerds love katanas and I cant see they remaining cheap for long. I'm suprised to see the growth of 500+ Shards in the last week and am wondering if that has something to do with one of my higher value items appreciating as I've not had any clever trades or anything there.

I'm going to just keep doing my dailies and as many bounty quests as feels fun each week. I still maintail Lost Relics is a sleeper and is going to start seeing waves of support and new players as updates release. A lot of people don't know that Cliff has confirmed that coop dungeons are on the roadmap and that alone is going to be a massive game changer. I cant wait. Until then I'mma be goldfarming.


Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 7.44.35 PM.png

Cub DeFi has become the 'little engine that can'. All I've asked of it is that this platform earn me CUB that I can use to restake back into it for slow groth and it's down that week after week.

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 7.54.28 PM.png

Suddenly there is this new "Kingdom" where I can stake the CUB I'm earning from my Den! In my understanding od whats going on here I'll earn CUB and a smaller amount of BNB. AS BNB is a favorite coin of mine and I currently need BUSD (the Binance stable-coin) to pair with my DEC to provide liquidity here (I'm really sorry for all this jargon) so this is a great new way to earn something I need.

It's great to see Cub DeFi growing!

Neon District

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 7.53.25 PM.png

After delivering Pizza week-in and week-out it's easy to get pretty bored with Neon District. This motivated me to spend a stack of the neon I had earned to buy and open a stack of five crates to see what I could pull for my soldiers.

The result was my first legendary weapon in a pair of Nightsticks I wrote about in an article about a few days ago.


I guess it's time for my normal 'Neon District is a sleeper' reminder so: Neon District is a sleeper. If you don't think you'll regret not spending these weeks stacking Neon than, by all means, please don't worry about plaything this one yet...


Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 8.15.25 PM.png

So, as I've said time and time again, I'm happy with slow and steady. With that said UpLand has me bored as hell. I'm not saying it's not worth it and I wouldn't. I don't think the way that this games metrics present themselves do reach the goal of really communicating the value of the unique items each custom property really are. I also think there is alot here behind the scenes I don't fully understand.

Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 11.41.35 AM.png

In the weeks and months since I started playing UpLand the neighborhoods I bought in have all appreciated. This isn't really reflected in any of the numbers here, even Total Net Worth, so I try and keep that in mind. I'm saving the UPX I make for further updates as I have the 3 properties in all of the neighborhoods I can afford to get those Collection boosts.

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 8.27.06 PM.png

Even less to say here, I've been pressing the button and the number is going up. AS the number is in BTC this is great and one of the most reliable longterm investments here. A lot of people are going to think "the easy money has already been made" on Bitcoin and those people do not understand cryptocurrency.

I got an email today talking about what sound like some major chages coming to thje premium membership program and felt some honest relief. I've been with this site for years and recently it's felt like they were really starting to lag behind in what was possible on other platforms. I'm glad to hear the platform is still being developed!


I have not yet started tracking my metrics for RollerCoin but I'm going to start figuring out how to best track the important metrics here. I've all but quit RollerCoin multiple times in the past and, in the words of John Wick "yeah, I'm thinking I'm back.".

It's just the kind of project I like to support and it's still making me steady income week after week. Some people don't like the referral model and I took some extra time to look into the spicifics there. Long story short, it passes my personal 'Bullshit Test'.

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 8.39.49 PM.png

I recommend you all start playing RollerCoin and start building up your personal mining operation. I love earning RLT but, if you prefur, you can focus on BTC / ETH / DOGE. Just please, for the sake of all that is holy, make sure you use my referral link!

Atomic Hub

Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 10.50.53 AM.png

This isn't as good as it looks. The only reason the numbers are larger than last week is due to market movement. The true goal here is that final metric "Staked Tokens" and that one is pretty frozen in it's tracks.

I had been making money here by signing up for random airdrops and selling most of the items along with playing in the Splinterlands Spring Training tournament series andd selling any packs I won. Now that tournament series is over and I've been too busy with other more profitable projects to mess with random drops.

Mixed bag here but nothing worth getting frustrated about.


Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 10.55.13 AM.png

Well, that sure escalated quickly!

I knew it had been a wild week but having metric tracking is really helpful in times like this to really see the growth in more detail. Essentially my Splinterlands card collections value has tripled over the course of the week.

I've hard all the emotions this week from being over the moon at the daily growth, feeling like a chump for letting a number on a screen dictate my mood, being really anxious about how I'll feel if the number goes down, to finally just having a steady smile about all of this.

If there is anything freaking me out right now it's that I think we could be here again next week seeing similar returns and, if my collections value triples again it will be getting pretty close to your average yearly salary in the area I live. If anyone is still doubting that Play2Earn is the future it's starting to seem like they just arn't paying enough attention.

But, can things triple again? Is that even possible? Well let's take a close look at my single most expensive card: Kron The Undying.

Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 11.04.43 AM.png

I've been playing trading card games my entire life and, honestly, I knew Kron was broken the first time I really looked into his stats and how they play out in battle. Essentially Kron is a big pile of hit-points and defensive abilities thats happy to sit in for backline and win the fight with his impressive magical damage. And if that was all that he did he would be good enough, it's not though, not even close.

As soon as you get Kron alone you quickly out what they Undying shit is all about. His final ability 'Last Stand' triggers and he gets a massive boost to ... everything?

To see what it looks like when you've all but lost a battle but Kron carries you to victory CLICK HERE.

This is just to say that Kron is really really strong and if any card has earned his high price, it's him. To really see Kron shine you need a level 4 Kron which take 11 BCX. When you take a close look at the numbers you see while Kron is still selling for <$100 BCX that cant last much longer. Soon he will push to $150 BCX and I don't think those $300-500 prices are all that out of reach for a card from a set that's out of print. Eleven BCX at $300 puts a level 4 Kron firmly above $3000 (double it's current price) and, to me, a Kron at $5500 does not sound crazy. The only reason I'm able to hit Diamond 2 league each season is on Krons back. The sky is the limit here.

I think it's very worth asking why this is happening at all and, for those not in the know, the current boom in prices for everything related to Splinterlands is due to the recent announcement of the 365 days of SPS Airddrops spelled out HERE only eleven days ago. Long story short, many many new players have used the incentive of getting free SPS token for a year as motivation to join the game and it's showing in player count, asset prices, and some major stressing for the Hive Engine.

In the past week I;ve had days where I was unable to play at all, days where everything was running smooth, and just today it seems like everything is running smoothly but I'm losing every battle with the game saying Im surrendering (very likely due to simple network congestion). If you've never experienced a boom like this before I'm happy to be the person to be able to tell you this is what success looks like and these moments of frustration are signs of a very bright future. Something you love just got so popular it's breaking it's infrastructure and also guaranteeing this projects future in the process. Even with all the headaches included this is a time to be celebrated.

Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 11.23.27 AM.png

So what is the SPS Airdrop going to mean for me? As far as I can see this is the kind of situation that can only be derailed by ones own decisions. I'm going to keep logging into Splinterlands every single day just like I've been doing for months, now I just need to collect my airdrop along with completing my daily quests. I will not be spending a single SPS for 365 days and, if any of you are looking to sell your, I'd be happy to make you a price. I'm in this for the long run and, as long as I stick to this plan, I'll have more SPS than I did the day before each morning and every single one will be staked.

At the end of this year I'll have maximized my airdrop and, in all likelihood, be just as hooked on Splinterlands as I am now. I'll just for the first time in my life be one of those 'whales' I've heard so much about.

Being present at the right time for a game like this has been something I've dreamed about ever since I started playin Magic the Gathering about 2 years after it launched. If I had only been there a bit earlier and knew the opportunity it was, id be set. A lot of people have had these kinds of thoughts about BTC but, honestly, I've always lost more sleep the Magic cards I've sold than the BTC I was unable to buy.

Now I have my chance. Splinterlands is here to stay and my guy Mr. M3ss ain't going anywhere.


Want to be there with me for the whole wild ride? Join us over at the The Crypto-Gaming Guild discord! We are looking for game captains and folks who can help organize. If you are interested, please step up. The games we are currently focusing on are:

Rising Star
Neon District
Alien Worlds
Lost Relics

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M3SS is an antisocial lad, clever though. He spends his days working in cryptocurrency, financial tech, domain hosting, advertising tech, and nights dreaming of a better tomorrow. M3SS is the leader of The Crypto-Gaming Guild.

Splinterlands - Face First!
Splinterlands - Face First!

As a nerd to my core I've spent thousands of hours just sitting around tables covered in cards and dice, surrounded by friends, having some of the best times in my life. Somewhere along the way trading card games seems to have lost their way in the pursuit of selling ever more packs. And we kept playing for our love of the games. Splinterlands claims to want to change that through the use of blockchain technology to give back players control of their cards and choices. But, is it fun? What else matters?

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