The knowing grin of legend.

Fuck you magic builds.

Hahaha. I've cracked the code.


Ok, so almost every fuckbag who's picked 'Water' the last .. all the games is probably running that +1 magic fucker. Welp, look out baby! I've got the tools! -(Tenacious D shout out)

You put a onna them shield dudes with the magic shield dealies out in front, right? Then depending on the mana curve you either go with little shadow snipey guys or them an somethin beefier. The most important parts is to include a onna them dudes what -1's 'Magic'. Then you see, a lot of the time the shots just bounce off our boy. While we take pot shots at the back line, bro. 😎

I'll have pics of an example here in a bit, and this advice only goes so far as bronze 3. I have a killer fuckin couple set ups, but keep this shit under your hat. Ok kids.🤠


Hahaha. Get fucked magic.

The quest asked for no neutral monsters or there would be a chicken. 

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Whitney John Haverstock
Whitney John Haverstock

I am a 40 fledgling comedian who lives at home with his mother. Way I see it, We're stuck by an invisible force onto an impossibly verdant sphere, hurtling ever faster through outer space, so.. I try not to take anything too seriously. Go crypto!

Splinterlands comedy hour
Splinterlands comedy hour

Hey folks. 👋 My name is Whitney Haverstock and despite my cruel joke of a name, I'm a dude. Boy named Sue situation. Grade school was rough, but I don't begrudge it. Life's horrors served to slant me towards comedy as a coping mechanism. Meh. I'm having fun with it. What else... 🤔 Oh, I just turned 40. Norm Macdonald died on my birthday..😔 He was more than a personal hero, dude was my spirit animal. Whole reason I started doing stand-up a year or so ago. -right before the plague and subsequent fires.

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