Silver/Gold prices 3rd Week of April

Silver and gold prices rallying for the third week of April, which in turn is helping those of us who hold Silver backed crypto. 

Talks of Bank of America buying up derivatives of silver, from JP Morgan, to sell back to retail investors is as insane as it sounds. Maybe they are trying to get in on the Silver/gold buying frenzy. Selling/shorting silver is not great however if prices of silver moons, of direct result of this move, their shorted positions may screw them in the end. Which I am COMPLETELY okay with. 

As of Friday:

Silver Price per Ounce $26.14 or around $36.63 for an 1oz Silver Eagle & $31.83 for an 1oz Buffalo round

Gold price per ounce $1,784.05 or $1,959.05 for an 1oz Golden Eagle & $1,961.05 for an 1oz Golden Buffalo round

Buy Silver/Gold physical metals. Buy Cryptocurrency. Become your own Bank. Support Local businesses!

If you feel that diversifying your assets into Silver/gold backed Stablecoins (AGX & AUX) is a smart move, consider visiting for more information about the Silver/Gold backed Crypto and consider using my member link to sign up to start using your physical, vaulted, and allocated true money!

Lode.One is a crypto wallet that allows you to use your AGX/AUX as real money to make purchases and pay bills online. It's a great project that ALLOWS YOU TO BE YOUR OWN BANK to use YOUR MONEY the way you see fit. No other Crypto wallet, besides the obvious, allows you to do that 🤯 


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Spirited Chipmunk
Spirited Chipmunk

Silver/Gold Backed Crypto advocate, Meme Coin searcher, Shiney precious metal lover, and a Husband and Father.

Silver/ Gold News and Crypto Happenings
Silver/ Gold News and Crypto Happenings

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