Walter testing Luci's temperament

By Solominer | Solominer | 1 Dec 2019

The cat really likes the dog, but will play kind of rough with her sometimes. It usually starts laying right next to the dog, and then he moves in and paws her face. But gets a little overly excited while doing it.



panasonic_dmcgh3.png Camera Model Canon EOS Rebel T1i lens.png Lens EF-S 18-55mm cropfilter1.png Filter UV filter to protect lens apture.png Aperture f/5.6 Timeexposurevalue.png Shutter Speed 1/50 sec iso.png Film Speed 160 spectrum.png Spectrum Visual Light wavelengh1.png Wavelength 380 through 700 nanometers location.png Location Georgia USA.


Walter walks up to Luci, shes laying in the sunny spot enjoying the light hitting her fur. The cat says hi to the dog and proceeds to hang out with her.


He lays down and tries to show affection with his claws and teeth.. lol not Luci's favorite game to play.


Im surprised how long the dog puts up with it, usually lasts thirty seconds or less before one of them gets excited and jumps away.


The dog pulls her head away, trying to stop the cat from messing with her. But the cat reaches out and tries to continue to play. Luci gives Walter that look, and he gets the picture and jumps away before the dog jumps up.


He moves away from the dog, and gets out of range before the dog gets too excited.


Luci watches as the cat moves away, keeping an eye on Walter in case he runs back for a second attack. Overall these encounters do not hurt the friendships of the cat and dog. But Luci does tend to get nervous when the cats lays by her face.



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