I am a user of cryptocurrency and also run infrastructure for multiple Coins and Dapps. I write about my experience with blockchain tech and nature. On the side I use a full spectrum camera to take unique photos in the Infrared and Ultraviolet spectrums.

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Deus Ex Gameplay 11-20

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After realizing the tunnels were a dead end, probably meant to be if you fell in the water you could get out through the sewer. Otherwise I could not use it. So I had to take out one of the bots as they patrolled the area well. I used an EMP grenade...

Fallen tree trunk in Fern patch - Ultraviolet and Infrared Photography

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Trees fall all the time in the forest, though this tree fell into a Fern patch, and has given it a unique look in the Ultraviolet and Infrared spectrums. The tree looks old and its been down for awhile now, and the Ferns dont seem to mind. Probably m...

Deus Ex Gameplay 11-19

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As I move through the tunnels there are some laser trip sensors I needed to bypass. Luckily I had many multi tools. Since the multitools and lock picks are rare in the game. I tried using other methods to break the laser system. I tried using the ba...

NVMe SSD - Macro circuit photography

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Ive had some bad luck with these little drives, two of them have burned out in a year. They are real quick when they work, making Windows load in 30 seconds or less. And reloading quick loads in games makes a big difference too. Since these are broke...

Wild plants growing along the creek - Ultraviolet and Infrared Photography

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Some Violet plants were growing on a raised part of the forest, when trees fall the roots will build little hills for new plants to grow in. So some wild Violet plants look like they have moved into the fertile space.    Camera Model Lumix GH3, modi...

A closer look at the Sweet Potato harvest

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After pulling them out of the ground and cleaning them up nicely, I placed them on my table and got a closer look at them. Otherwise they would have just been consumed and I wouldn't have had any pretty pictures of the spuds pulled from the ground....

Deus Ex Gameplay 11-17

3 days ago 1 minute read Solominer $0.04 tipped

They send me into the subway tunnels to find a secret entrance to the enemies base. I collect a grenade by doing a mission for one of the gangs that live in the tunnels. And using that grenade I clear through a passive to complete a side quest. Afte...

Walter playing with the dogs toy Part 2

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He will play with Luci's toy when shes not looking, otherwise she might take it back for herself. He usually plays with it when in the sun and gets playful when no ones around. If I get too close he tends to stop and just watch me, sometimes messing...

Battlefield 1942 Mods - Desert Combat DCX Gameplay 11-15

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  I recently found out that Desert Combat got modded, So im playing a mod of a mod today. What I like about this mod is they add bots to all the Co-Op levels. In the past with Desert Combat only a select few you can play with bots, otherwise you got...

Friends on a canoe

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It took some timing and a few failed attempts to get us all together. We all stay busy so finding a day to take off and go out on the water took some planning. But eventually we each found the time and left the house before the sun came up to go out...