Working with interesting technology: blockchain, IPFS, infrared and ultraviolet photography/videos

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly Gameplay 12-15

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  As I take over new territory I find myself having to run back and make sure I dont lose what we once captured. This is the case with the map im having to go back to. Monolith got a foothold and was expanding quick. Monolith is the hardest it seem...

Talking about camping adventures; all ive seen so far in the woods

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  Spending time and sleeping in the woods is quite different for me than it is at home. I discuss my experiences with it and how it has affected me throughout the adventures. Ive learned what I like and what I do not. And seen amazing nature and we...

Got myself another camera

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  Working with my special camera for the last few years has been alot fun, it produced some amazing photos and video. And I still have much to explore in the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums. Due to it being modded, Ive had troubles getting norm...

No Man's Sky Gameplay 12-12

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  Once I filled up my spacesuit inventory with raw materials I moved them into a refiner. This will convert them to elements used in technology and other items that can be crafted. This refiner is new to me, I do not remember such a thing early on...

Plant vines along the trail - Infrared Photography

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Georgia has dense forests, some say its because of the Squirrels forgetting about their buried nuts and then they sprout into trees. Its due to this its possible trees are more densely packed in area with alot of Squirrels. And due to this density, p...

No Man's Sky Gameplay 12-06

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Keeping a balance of materials is key in this game. Carbon and Oxygen are the most important of the bunch. The Carbon fuels the harvester gun and Oxygen fuels the life support on the suit. Finding the first is easy on the surface, most plants are mad...

Building Bee Boards - Measurements and Marking

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  The Solitary Bees should like the homes im building for them. Though in my last batch of boards I made I had an issue with the center hole. It was offset and made an imperfect circle. From what ive read and watched, the Mason and Leafcutter bees...

No Man's Sky Gameplay 12-04

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  I played this game early on and since the updates in the last few years it feels alot more complete. So im giving NMS another try and hope to see how well it plays out this time around. Right now I am collecting items to get the spaceship working...

1990s Screensavers: Fish World

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Such a great idea, to turn a computer screen into a fish bowl. After Dark may have been the first to do this, but many have now made Fish screensavers since then. But theres something about the classics I like, and it was still alot of fun watching e...

Harvesting Sweet Potatoes: Started with just one

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I set up my new camera on a tripod, and had it record me pulling up the Sweet Potatoes. I used a small hand rake and separated the vines so I could see the surface of the bed. Lovely Logic holds a bucket for me and I pass her spuds as I pull them fro...