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Exploring Red Top Mountain Part 2 - Actioncam Video

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As we head back to where we started, we traveled on a boardwalk was built above the water. We stood around for awhile as we could clearly see fish in the water. All different kinds and sizes, even a school of fish a few times. I tried zooming in but...

Rope swing on an old tree - Infrared Photography

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I don't come across many rope swings, so when I do I tend to stop and take some pictures. This setup was on a hike and I noticed it walking by it on the trail. The tree was sloped so easy to walk up, though the water level was pretty low. Id wait for...

Exploring Red Top Mountain Part 1 - Actioncam Video

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This place has been on my to do list for awhile. The location has some lakes that we walked around and did some fishing. I successfully caught a fish on the banks, though when I return im wearing some heavy duty boots for the mud there. We sti...

Snail on a tree trunk - Infrared Photography

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As we were walking a trail, my friend spotted a snail on a tree. It was the morning and not sure what it was doing there. My guess is hiding from the birds coming out, they were in the trees and quite busy that morning. A tasty treat for some bird th...

Red Top Mountain Fishing - My first wild catch

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My friend and I traveled to a new Wildlife Management Area, on this property are some large lakes. We walked the Iron Hill trail down to the water, and were lucky to have the place to ourselves. Though I can see why once we walked up to the water, i...

Following ryulincoln through the forest - Infrared Photography

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  Every time we have gone out in the woods, we see something new. ryulincoln is very perceptive and notices many things I overlook while walking on a trail outdoors. We switch between leading through the forest, in this case I followed in his footste...

How to convert an action camera to full spectrum Part 3

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In part three I permanently attach the filter adapter to the front of the action camera. This allows me to use many different filters to isolate different light waves for unique scenes. The adapter does not fit perfectly around the camera housing, s...

Walter stretched out over the catnip mat

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When I put out one of their favorite treats which is the cat nip, Walter tends to lay on the mats I place it on. I think hes waiting for the sun to hit the mats and the oils from the cat nip to rise into the air.    Camera Model Canon EOS Rebel T1i...

Completing my first silver stack

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  Feels good to fill that tube with silver rounds, twenty of them fit in quite nicely. I was surprised by the weight of the stack. Coming in a little over a pound and a few ounces. Though I wonder if I should have stacked coins instead of rounds. L...

Leaning trees with the morning sky - Infrared Photography

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As I was walking the trail I saw a few trees leaning over the creek. I posted one of these trees a few weeks ago, but I have some others I want to share as well. The tree was trying to get to the sunlight that is above the water, usually tree canopie...