Spring Garden Updates: Apple trees

Spring Garden Updates: Apple trees

By Solominer | Solominer | 11 Jun 2020


In the last few years I have been adding Apples to my diet, so figured it would be a great idea to try to grow some as well. I live in an area of Georgia that gets enough frost hours for the trees to form fruit. Its very much needed for these trees to experience between 500-1000 chill hours below 45 F (7 C). My Cherry trees also require these cold days to produce fruit. And with the amount of rain we get regularly I think they should be a good fit for the climate. These kind of fruit trees will drop their leaves in the winter and then form new ones as soon as the weather is warm enough.

I bought two Apple trees, an Honeycrisp and a Cortland Apple tree. Starkbros sells both of them, and I had them shipped to me. I placed my order during the winter and got them in the beginning of spring time.

By having two, close to each other they should pollinate each other and give me better fruit. They flowered the first year I had them but no fruit formed. I think the trees decided to put their energy into the roots and leaf growth and did not attempt to form fruits this year. Though maybe next year they will be settled and have enough energy to form delicious apples. I wonder what will fruit first, the Apples trees or the Cherry trees.

These two trees are semi-dwarfs, meaning they should not grow as tall as a standard Apple tree. Since my property is not all that big I figured having a smaller version should be suitable. I hear they can still get twelve to fifteen feet tall in many cases. And with me being over six feet tall I should be able to reach them without needing a ladder.

I really like Honeycrisp Apples, their flavor is my favorite of all ive tried. I honestly cannot if I have tried a Cortland Apple. Though I really have not eaten an Apple I did not like. Looking forward to seeing what forms in the next few years with them. In the mean time ill just enjoy their fuzzy young leaves and flowers that smell amazing.

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