Spring Garden Update: Asparagus

Spring Garden Update: Asparagus

By Solominer | Solominer | 7 Jun 2020


Never thought id be an Asparagus farmer, but I sure love the stuff so just made sense to grow my own. I usually eat at least two to three bundles of it a week and having my own would be a great value and get a fresher food source than whats found at the markets.

I planted about sixty clusters, about twenty so far have emerged at the time of this video and started growing a stalk and leaves. They can kind of hard to see in the video as they are very small but glad after two weeks they emerged. I was worried maybe I planted them too deep, or maybe not soaking them in water was an issue. But now im happy to see many of them coming up and leafing out.

Once they broke the surface of the soil they grow a few feet reaching up towards the light.

If all of these keep growing, where I am standing you would not even be able to see me. I saw pictures online of others plants that are a few years old and they can be quite large.

I planted this area full of them, about two feet apart of each other. So hoping the rest come up as well. I added mulch to the rows and it helps mold the moisture in, and also supports them a little bit.

I bought Purple Passion, Mary Washington and Jersey Knight Giant. So I have three different kinds, hope they all do well. I placed them all mixed up, I can see the purple stalks come out of the ground but they quickly turn green and then I have no idea which ones are quick.

For right now im just going to let them leaf out, its too early to eat them. I need to allow the plant to build up its strength over time and letting them grow without trimming is the way to do that. But maybe in a year or two I can start to take some off and enjoy the stalks in my cooking. Until then Ill just have to enjoy them as an ornamental plant and let them grow as much as they want.

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