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My Top Picks for Investments.

Let’s get to the bones of the deal.

There are plenty of coins out there, plenty. In fact, one could say a new one is seemingly born every day. Some matter and some don’t matter. Some are worth looking at and some will never add up to anything more than a community group on telegram and nothing else. This is a fact and if you ignore the signs of a worthless coin, like it’s community and its lackluster “do nothing but try to sell coins” attributes, you might as well toss money at pigeons on a side walk.

I don’t spend much time with coin startups that don’t have true leadership and honest work behind their community. I can visit some past airdrops I jumped into on telegram and see 6000 people posting links to other coins, autobot exchanges and affiliate links to projects developed solely to make money and then vanish into the crypto fog of cheap endeavors. These communities are no longer even slightly moderated or groomed. They’re just a wasteland of a community left to its own demise for the profit of a cookie cutter coin.

I said it before and will say it again, if the community is unmoderated and left unguarded, the project and the currency will be worthless and left to ruin.

With that said, I’m going to talk about my top picks for good investment choices.


Before I do, let’s also talk about this, I have spent time researching these coins and spent time with their communities and even with some, I've spent a pretty decent amount of time in the grasp of their internal workings and leadership. These are not hat drawn favorites and nobody is paying me to promote them. It would be basically like meeting me for coffee and asking me which coins I have invested in lately and then the following would be my answer.


ENERGI NRG: The potential of this coin is huge. It’s run by real enthusiastic professionals who are driven to see this coin succeed. They have a great team of community moderators and security professionals who are always working, and striving towards making NRG the best stake enabled coin alive. I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time with the community and with a few of their Energi team members.

Let me be the first to tell you, NRG is going to change the world of crypto.

They have awesome leadership, intelligent marketing, professional CMs, and security out the wazoo.

NRG doesn’t just have potential it has a future.


Cardano ADA: This coin is going to explode. It has a great team. Incredibly hard-working leadership and a community other coins could only dream of.

Cardano has a great security team and a very professional and friendly community moderation team that constantly safeguards and develops for the community it has.

I have studied ADA for a while and can tell you in all honesty, if you pass this coin up, you need help. Seriously, this one is going places and no, I’m not a fanboy hype creator, I'm just telling you the truth. Cardano is a sleeping giant in the bean garden of the gods.

Stellar XLM: Get on it now before it becomes too expensive for the little guy.

It has plenty of room to grow and develop further along for its future.

I have always been interested in Stellar and took the plunge a while ago, and I still put Stellar in my wallet whenever I can.

I firmly believe that Stellar will be a big fish in the small pond. It’s not just some weak prediction, it’s really just a matter of time. It has a great community and a very well rounded leadership team.

From the top to the bottom of Stellar, there is only one way to go, and that’s up.

Electroneum ETN: Don’t laugh. If you don’t grasp why this makes it into my picks, you might not truly understand how "rare coins" can become overnight sensations.

ETN is one of those odd ducks with a very unique and futuristic platform.

ETN has been around for a while, but what makes this coin so unique and full of potential is how you acquire it. It isn’t something you just buy up and it’s following of users are all optimistic about Electroneum becoming that crazy booming coin that sneaks up behind you.

ETN is minable from any smartphone via cloud mining. It’s a rarity in the crypto world, but even with that rarity of value it carries a 47.8mil market cap and a 169,154.00 24hr volume. It has risen in ranks lately and unless my keen eyes are drunk, I would guess in perhaps another two years, this coin could easily get to the top ten.


Because it’s odd and rare.

Because it’s mined from phones.

Because it has value and a very professional team behind it.

You can laugh at my statement, but in the end, this coin isn’t like all the others. The potential is amazingly ignored, only because it’s seems more like a novelty than a serious crypto and that’s what will make this strange coin so invaluable in the next two years.

When my prediction becomes reality, you are welcome to kiss my Nikes.

Last but not least…

Ravencoin RVN: This one here is going to be a buster. It’s driven to succeed by a professional team of coding experts and has a very smart team of leadership behind it.

I’m picking Raven Coin for only one reason, it doesn’t just have great potential, it already is being adopted for its value and performance.

Bruce Fenton stands behind it and Overstock has already invested millions into Raven.

So if you’re a believer in coins that hold promise, Raven holds that promise by being smart enough to have Bruce Fenton looking over its shoulders and million dollar deals to add to its future.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional investment advisor. You should do your own research and base your choices of your future investments on your own merit and do so at your own risk. I do not offer investment advice, investment picks or information that is meant to persuade someone into investing based on my ideas, thoughts or written statements.

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