I’m going to list 5 Cryptocurrencies that could easily be golden eggs in the crypto henhouse in the next 5 to 10 years.

These will be long term investment ideas and not the quick turn and burn “it’s my money and I want it now” mentality that has basically corrupted the mindset of most crypto investors.

So before you read this, put it in your head that I’m talking about coins when they reach full maturity, and that means 5-10 years from now, not 5 to 10 weeks from now.

CARDANO ADA: Priced low enough to scoop up in the thousands of coins with a small amount of money.


Cardano will take a while to reach full potential, and that might take another 5-10 years, so HODL like a pro. It has plenty of promise and technology behind it to reach high levels of usage and already has a great community behind it. Perfect low cost, high yield investment opportunity that I highly recommend.


STELLAR: Still priced low enough to fill your buckets at a nominal cost.


While it’s still gaining traction to the point that it will take some time to see Stellar prove its worth, it isn’t something to miss out on.

Stellar has great ideas, great promise and a great community behind it. The leadership is sharp and focused with a good plan for the future. The roadmap speaks volumes about Stellar’s potential and possible future value.

Grab it up and let it sleep people, it’s a sleeping giant.

NEM(XEM): Not sure why this isn’t on everyone’s radar, but it should be.


The “New Economy Movement” NEM has awesome potential and value and a roadmap to the future that speaks volumes for its adaptability and future use.

Not only is XEM set at a very digestible easy to do price tag, but it also may not be a super long term investment. I see it will be moving quickly due to its marketing team and very impressive professional leadership behind it.

Scoop it up and buckle up, NEM won’t be sitting at this low price for very long.

ENJIN: Find it, buy it, hodl it for 5 years and then come back to this post and say, “Thanks man!”.


This coin just signed with Samsung and you should know what that means. It’s going to bloom like a honeysuckle bush in June.

It sits at a very easy price, for now, and if you can find a way to buy it, I would throw a good chunk of change in its direction. It has the traction at a very young point for its time in crypto, and will be worth scooping up asap.

The potential is off the charts and carries with it a great business model that already has a signature worth making this a great investment.

RAVEN: Again another investment opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. I have spoken about Raven before and I think it has really huge potential.


I actually can not wait to get my hands on its app and try it. You can basically send your own Raven token, that comes from you under the Raven cover. It will allow Peter to pay Paul with Peter's own token, and that’s crazy cool and I firmly believe it will catch on quickly.

Priced very low, but with tremendous amount of potential for high levels of future use. Put as many Ravens as you can in your cage, err wallet I should say. It’ll be a real score before you know it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of ideas on some real killer investment ideas. If you find my ideas insightful and wish to tip me out, please do. Every drip in my bucket helps motivate me to help others invest smartly.

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Thanks for reading!



I am not a professional financial advisor. Anything I disclose is entirely for educational and entertainment purposes and not meant as a form of investment advice e. Please use your own due diligence and consult a professional financial advisor.


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