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Why you should start to play Splinterlands

By achim03 | sl-academy | 3 May 2020


In this video you will learn why you should open a Splinterlands account

Welcome to the Splinterlands Academy, the very channel that will explain you everything about this amazing game.

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Why is Splinterlands such an amazing game?

The most interesting part of this game is that it allows you to earn real money! There are plenty of ways to earn:

- Earn DEC (Dark Energy Tokens) for every game that you play. The better you are in the ranking, the more you will earn.
- Complete your daily task and get DEC, potions and reward cards
- At the end of every season, according to your ranking, you will recieve a certain amount of treasure chest that contain DEC, potions and reward cards
- All cards can be bought and sold on the market
- Cards can be bought and sold with DEC, Crypto and even Paypal
- Take part in tournaments and earn price money
- It's even possible to rent out the cards you don't need and to get paid for it

The economy behind Splinterlands works

Even if there are some small mistakes from time to time, the economy of splinterlands is quite well balanced. The price of DEC fluctuates in a quite stable way. Since the cards have to be combined to be upgraded, the value of the cards tends to increase over time. For each card the number of created cards is fixed.

I've been using Splinterlands for a year and it has become one of my best income sources.



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