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Crypto.com Visa Card Changes

By scythenoz | Singapore Crypto FI | 9 Oct 2020

Due to the Wirecard fiasco happening in Singapore, Crypto.com's APAC Customers have their cards migrated to PayrNet. Even though the migration has been completed, Singapore-resident customers still cannot transact internationally and Non Singapore-resident APAC Cardholders can continue to purchase goods and services from merchants world-wide, except those registered as a Singapore entity.

Rebates Reimbursement

This means that the perks of Singapore-resident cardholders such as Spotify and Netflix are currently unavailable. Crypto.com now allow cardholders affected to change the payment to any other cards first and cardholders will be reimbursed for active subscriptions to Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime (based on card tier) that were being paid for with the MCO Visa Card prior to 7 October 2020. Reimbursement will continue to be paid in CRO Tokens, to the CRO Wallet in the App. Cardholders can expect to be reimbursed on or about the same day reimbursement was made the previous month; reimbursements will begin on 19 October 2020.

Card Upgrade Fees Waived

Crypto.com is waiving the upgrade fee for cards until 31 October 2020. If you were considering an upgrade to the next tier, now is a great time to do so. For a complete list of benefits by card tier, please visit our cards page.

Reduction in Referral Rewards

The BG50 Referral Program for new Cardholders is getting revised from the current USD 50 to USD 25 from 1st November 2020. There is limited time to the current USD 50 bonus. If you wish to sign up, use my referral code "7fpp30dh8x"

I think it is a great way that Crypto.com is handling the card migration although the Wirecard issue is not a problem they have created. It is a great time to get yourself involved especially with Syndicate events, Superchargers and 20% staking interest available. If you are keen to sign up for the Exchange, you can use the link here

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