Snack Talk: The Steak

By Dzoelx | Cryptocurrency Scripts | 12 Apr 2024

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25 years is not exactly fitting for an $8 billion fraud, but the justice system is a ‘god’ figure and has a very little history of being queried successfully. The Luna guy is still being shipped through prisons; we might have a prison break soon. Wonder how many memecoins we’ll be getting from these stories? Should be a lot.

I’m taking some time off to add one more episode to this series and it’s not because the steak tastes nice…well, maybe; but it’s been a while since the last one. There’s been a few notable events since then; like Bitcoin reaching new ATH and memecoins shitting on ‘blue chip’ utility coins. This could change when the AI wave returns. But before that happens, enjoy seeing a new dog stuff in the top 50 ranks when you open your Coingecko application.

About a week to another Bitcoin halving, last time it happened, we had some miners closing up their mines and moving on to ‘better things in life’. Well, they came running back when Bitcoin did that price bump thing. This time might be different, it is the healthiest I’ve seen Bitcoin before a halving. Almost 6X up from the previous halving. We’ve had at least 20X scams and 200X rug pulls since then, but the ‘investors’ greed is still at ATH. That might help push this thing to $250k and you’d be able to pay off the lease for your Lambo.

The light is all on Bitcoin, but some other guys will be halving too, BSH, LTC…and BSV. Still a fan of Mr. Wright. A real comedian, that one. If the Boomers and Millennials at Blackrock don’t buy up all the Bitcoins, then retail could still feast on the debris this year. It might be the other way around since this space has been overtaken by Wolves. They went from memecoin rug pulls to pre-sales, that’s just a simple evolution.

Not sure how long I could go without mentioning the lifeblood of the current crypto space – Airdrop Hunters! It's been quite a year for anyone in that hustle. Tons of ‘projects’ launching with an airdrop taking the lead. And yeah, the earndrops. Those ones are the real money mines, but not really for the hunters. You could simply launch anything with incredible liquidity and Market Value. Just make sure you grease the palms of the airdrop hunters, sorry, community. And community is everything…I think so.

I’ve got a ton of respect for the real builders in the space, the ones working hard to create new narratives that will be eventually overtaken by scammers and memecoiners who are still a subset of the former. The real competition in proliferation is between memecoins and ‘AI-powered’ projects. ChatGPT is probably the most forked or ‘leveraged’ codebase since Sam and his friends announced it. We could see something similar when DePins and RWAs hit the ground running.

Anyway, very excited about the Fetch.AI, AGIX, and OCEAN merger. In a space where everyone is launching pieces of mediocre projects, it is a breath of fresh air to see three reputable projects come together to build something that could actually help. Decentralized AI is the way to go and this is just the right time to make such moves. ASI has all it takes to be a leading figure in the crypto and mainstream AI space. No pun intended, super excited for this one!

Well, it’s almost 600 words and this rambling is meant to be 600 words long maximum. But the steak doesn’t taste bad. Even if it does, the cost is something to consider. Might be a while before the next episode drops. But there’s been like five already, you can binge-read till the next one. Probably when Bitcoin hits $100K…if it does.

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