Today In Crypto - April 10 Edition

Today In Crypto - April 10 Edition

By Sapphire | Sapphire Crypto | 10 Apr 2020

Top Performing Tokens Of Q1 2020

Looking back at the first quarter of 2020, we can see that a handful of projects performed extremely well. Unibright being the obvious leader with a price appreciation of 448%! UBT is a token I started accumulating in January, thanks to the spotlight of Chico Crypto. Prices have obviously retracted some, yet with such a stellar gain it's not the end of the world.


Another top performer for the period was Presearch. I was quite surprised by this one to be honest. Presearch is a search engine that rewards users in PRE tokens for the searches they conduct using the Presearch service. Presearch is somewhat similar to Brave Browser and it seems like this model is gaining traction and strong user bases.

My main concern with this model is the sell pressure going forward as many will take part to earn PRE, only to sell the tokens for BTC or other Top 10 coins. Some other expected winners were projects such as Coti and Kyber Network.

BCH And BSV Halvings Prove To Be Non-Events... At Least So Far

With BCH and BSV now having successfully completed their halvings, it's clear that both events have produced no significant fireworks. To be fair, halvings do not have instant effects on the price but rather begin to influence price over time as the decrease in supply filters through. One would possibly expect a bit of excitement surrounding the actual event though.

Many called the Litecoin halving a non-event, yet Litecoin rallied pretty hard leading up to the halving. Only post halving did the price slump back to previous levels, taking the hashrate with it. It is also important to note that Litecoin was not just following the market as its price was surging, rather it was in fact leading it higher.


BCH experienced a minor setback directly after the halving. The first block mined on the BCH chain post halving, took around 2 hours and only later returned to the approximate 10 to 15 minutes block time. It is also widely speculated that a lot of BCH miners are now going to be moving over to BTC, at least for now. 

Once again the Crypto community got to witness another Craig Wright lie be proven as such, as he failed to sell the Bitcoin he had promised to dump on the halving. Absolutely every claim Wright has put forward has never been proven true. Wright seems quite capable of discrediting himself, no help needed!

Chainlink Rallies Almost 50% In 7 Days!

During the initial stages of the price crash in March, LINK appeared to be holding out a lot better than its counterparts. However, this was short lived as LINK gave way and dumped just as hard, if not harder than those who had previously sold off days earlier.


Surprisingly, in the recent week LINK has made a comeback with an approximate weekly gain of around 47%. Unfortunately some of these gains have been erased, as the markets have fallen somewhat along with BTC, which is currently trading at approximately $6900.

LINK displays how solid projects provide perfect buying opportunities when prices retrace in uncertain times, as they are quick to rise and find strong footing once again!

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Interesting views, news, opinions and all things Crypto. Independent and honest assessments of Crypto projects and earning opportunities within the space. Move into Crypto with Sapphire Crypto!

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