New Buildings

Running around in the mornings ain't just joy in the woods and bonding with nature. It's also passing through commercial areas and seeing new structures. Like this office building.


Or some fancy modern villas like this one.



It's easy to reach #automaticwin when you start running at 7:30 am and run for 15 K :)


@wil.metcalfe, thank you!

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Today I am reporting 23,408 steps to the STEP UP AND PLAY YOUR PART - 2021 challenge.


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Running Adventures of a Streak Runner
Running Adventures of a Streak Runner

What is a 'streak runner', you might ask? It is a person who runs every day. In my case, two miles is a minimum. I've been doing this stunt for 502 days already, since July the 3rd 2019. On that fine day, I decided it's better to run every day and be happy than to run occasionally and be grumpy. YOu are welcome to follow me and my runs. Every day if you wish :)

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