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Cryptopunk, evolution of the Cyberpunk genre

By Wynqarrin | Runesrealms | 24 Apr 2021

 Cryptopunk...gotta love the way that sounds.

 Now, how would it be different from Cyberpunk? To start with, all one has to do is take a quick look around at how Blockchain tech and Cryptocurrencies are changing our world right now.

 Deckjockeys/Netrunners/ConsoleCowboys...whatever the term, the ones who plug-in head-first and access the cyberscape internet of the Cyberpunk genre would find it to be VERY different than what's been written. Attacking and hacking corporate databases? Sure, but maybe they also ride shotgun on Blockchains, work hyper-fast broad-spectrum promotion of this or that Crypto/NFT, etc..

 The infamous 'black market' and such would see new competition in ways unimaginable. It might even develop it's own unique Crypto and Block/Smartchains to make things run smoother even given their outlaw nature.

 Corporations and governments wouldn't have the monolithic and near-totalitarian power. They can't, not with decentralized currencies exist, and now that they're here--they are never going away. Make them illegal, and that won't stop anything, as we see in the countries that have banned Crypto. You can bet the aforementioned web-runners would be all to happy to help work through the digital blockades.

 Blockchain and Smartchain evolution, including Virtual Intelligence applied integrally to them...think about that...adaptive in real-time, never missing a trick, and as error-proof as possible with thousands of layers of error-checking constantly running.

 Some states/provinces could also separate, partially or entirely, switching to a local economy model where a local Crypto is Preferred, but exchangeable of course.

 Things to think about...

Thank-You for reading!

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