Comic Book Industry; The 'Coalmine Canary'

Comic Book Industry; The 'Coalmine Canary'

By Wynqarrin | Runesrealms | 3 May 2021

 There's a shift happening in the comic book industry and while it might not seem that relevant to Crypto, it is as you will see below. For quite some time now we have been seeing social media leveraged insidiously by a very small few against the rest of us with massive detrimental impacts.

 Shown below in two seemingly unrelated sources is a very easy way to cope and counter this...and this simple method is now being applied  by an increasingly growing number of industries, and that does include Hollywood of course as well.

 The shift we're seeing start to happen ties-in to advice given in a fellow blogger's article about 'FUD', what it is and how to deal with it and how people use social media to scare folks out of Crypto for their own benefit.

 I have included a link to that article below, it's well-written and you would benefit yourself by reading it as it can insulate you against the 'FUD' people and their rather underhandedly self-serving tactics.
 I have also included a link to the work of another independent creator for those of you who might be interested.


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