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By Ares12110 | RSB-Training | 28 Jul 2020

Hello World!

I've been longing to get back to my proper fitness routine since the start of our pandemic. I have a decent set up in my condo, more than many would have in such a space but still I've been very limited. Over the years I've accumulated a few standard bars, over 350lbs of weight and a flat bench. However I have managed to get by without any sort of rack. I work in a gym so that was never a major issue pre-pandemic. My home based workouts would involve lighter movements and movements that do not require a rack. I would save heavy squats and bench press for the gym. 

Gyms in many areas are beginning to reopen.. Yet like many, I'm not overly comfortable working out in a gym these days. The new restrictions are uncomfortable to live by to say the least and it's still questionable how much the new distancing measures will really keep us safe in that environment. So without knowing what the future holds I decided it was time to invest in the essential thing my home gym set up is missing.

Squat stands. 

I figured, nothing fancy. I want them portable so I can take them out and put them away as needed since my space is limited. This does reduce a bit of the safety but I can account for that with my workout. In theory, finding these shouldn't be too hard for around $200....


I was wrong, it's next to impossible. So many people have had the same idea as me and have built up their home gyms. Finding squat stands and weights is really difficult right now. That and the rates some people are charging on Amazon or eBay are through the roof. Also the shipping times are really long.

So instead, I decided I would build my own squat stands! I went for the cheapest and easiest (yet safe for me) build that would serve my purposes at home. I found this helpful tutorial on YouTube uploaded by Garage Gym Reviews. Don't mind the comments, it's not horribly unsafe and is actually pretty much on par with what is retailed for a squat stand (not a power rack).



I essentially followed the same steps as they laid out in the video however, I went a bit shorter on my back safety piece to better fit my space. Also I don't need that much back guard on them. 




I'm very pleased with the end result! They work great for my purposes. They are reasonably sturdy but some care is needed to keep everything stable, but that's true with all free standing squat stands. I spent about  $80 Canadian to put this together. Which is about what the video estimated if you consider the CAD/USD exchange rate. In the future I plan on building a safety off the front of each and giving it a paint job.

Have any of you been building up your home gym? What have you added/adapted to help you go after your goals?


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