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Robert O'Reilly

Robert O'Reilly

I am educated in the Western Classical Tradition, B.A. from U.C. Berkeley in Latin and Greek, English major, one year at U. of Toronto, studied under Alain Renoir and Northrop Frye, read most classics full time for many years after university in French, English, Latin and Greek to the modern day. I am interested in the near future of technology, what changes it imposes upon our heritage and character as humans. Short stories and Essays are my medium.


21 Jun 2022 9 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

The two trips in the move to Dallas were my one last fling though. I asked Bruno to accompany me, to share driving, with enough speed on hand to make the trip entertaining. We stopped in L.A. the first night to visit my dad and Muriel. I wanted them...


20 Jun 2022 9 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

A few weeks later we decided to move back to the bay area. Upper Lake was unbearably hot in the summer and it was July. Our solitude there was fine for a while, but that gets boring too. And our near disaster with Allen made us want to get  away from...

Near Disaster

19 Jun 2022 7 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

I had one more crazy adventure in Upper Lake that came very close to ruining my whole life. It started with ‘A’. In retrospect I saw that it was the reason of his luring us up there in the first place. I would visit him occasionally at his rented h...

Kaleidoscope minds

17 Jun 2022 3 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

As I was writing the second part on my novel 'Pandemica' yesterday, I chanced upon an image to describe what might be going on in a fifteen-year-old girl's head who's just been told by a boy, (Ron) that he loves her. She's walking away from the hosp...

Parenthood and move to Upper Lake

17 Jun 2022 7 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

At a party at Ted’s warehouse in August 1987 and where I ran into ‘A’ again. Will was born on June twenty-eight, five weeks premature but in good shape. He had to stay in an incubator for three days. Then he came home, a bit yellow from jaundice but...

Privacy, Peace and Pregnancy.

16 Jun 2022 13 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

Pregnancy and Reading. The joy of motherhood. “ Jan 15th Thursday 2 a.m. nineteen eighty seven. We’ve been in S.C. now one week, looking for a lodging from a motel room. Arrived last Wednesday eve., high and frantic, having left Berkeley in our mobi...

Laurel continued.

26 May 2022 9 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

I had to go to work the next morning and when I looked in the mirror to shave, I had bright red hickey marks all around my neck, impossible to cover up. My boss and my fellow workers just laughed when they saw me walk in. By noon with all their joki...


25 May 2022 6 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

How 'Genius' finds the strangest lodgings. I lived in Puerto Rico for six years and completed close to sixty electrical buildouts of commercial stores. Only one was a disaster, not just for me but for every contractor involved. It was a large new ma...


22 May 2022 2 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

Consciousness is our ability to perceive and to think. Some people have it to an astonishing degree. Others, the plurality of people, have it to lesser extents and those at the far end of this spectrum are downright slow, dull and stupid mortals, thr...


18 May 2022 8 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

This is an essay on noble deeds, examples of them. We don't use this term very often these days, so some explanation is in order. To be 'noble' is to be 'high-minded', to be kind and understanding above the norm, to be generous in some act that invol...