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Robert O'Reilly

I am educated in the Western Classical Tradition, B.A. from U.C. Berkeley in Latin and Greek, English major, one year at U. of Toronto, studied under Alain Renoir and Northrop Frye, read most classics full time for many years after university in French, English, Latin and Greek to the modern day. I am interested in the near future of technology, what changes it imposes upon our heritage and character as humans. Short stories and Essays are my medium.

Love, Fully Explained

12 Jan 2022 5 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

Zeus, angry. There was one other story I told to Norma’s daughter, Amaris, in those halcyon days when I was sleeping on Norma’s couch, broke, jobless and twenty four, full of poetry and dreams and careless of the hour. There is something indescribab...

Our Year of Bliss.

12 Jan 2022 14 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

  Previous Chapter ...   Building a future, hand in hand. The Loft restored. Bainbridge7.jpg Once again we made the pilgrimage to New York when the book was to be published. This time we made it last a month. It was mid-winter and there was nothing...

The Beginning of the End

11 Jan 2022 13 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

  Previous Post ...   Book four is completed The Garden of Earthly delights. Hieronymus Bosch While she tended the farm I simply wandered about, and pondered what a fourth volume might contain. I couldn't go on just repeating the same. That would be...

Book Three is Finished.

10 Jan 2022 13 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

Previous Chapter ...   Big plans Back home and happy. Depositphotos Valeri Shranko She walked into my study just as we finished our conversation, still sleepy-eyed, but resplendent to me in her white camisole and jeans, still barefoot. It was somet...

The Pandemic continues, the ugly truth

8 Jan 2022 17 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

  Previous Chapter ... Love Sacrificed.     Photo by Stephen Hocking Over my body the smoke rings drifted, some reaching the ceiling and crashing into pieces, others arching sideways, captured within the ventilator’...

My First novel about a Pandemic, before it began.

8 Jan 2022 11 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

Previous Chapter ...   My humble think tank where it all started. I was a university graduate, shy and studious during those six years, studious to a fault. My fascination was language and languages. I studied, Latin and Greek and French...

A Story about the Pandemic, Covid 19, six months from now.

7 Jan 2022 6 minute read 1 comment Diomedes

The House in the Woods, My health restored. Chapter one. Kanan Khasmamadov on Unsplash My house was deep in the woods, bought nine months previous from the profits of my two books and an advance for the third. It was a trilogy and my agent and edito...

My last Post, maybe.

6 Jan 2022 6 minute read 2 comments Diomedes

  I was directed to this platform by my son, a computer and crypto wiz. But I think I'm in the wrong place and addressing the wrong set of people. The vast majority of articles here involve advice on how to prosper in cryptocurrency. The End. They ar...

No More 'Medium' for me

4 Jan 2022 4 minute read 1 comment Diomedes

Tom Paine   Medium sucks. Pay five dollars a month to a billionaire, (Even Williams, worth 3 billion) and be a needle in a haystack, all the while getting paid pennies for long compositions while 98 percent of their audience read you for free on Face...


4 Jan 2022 3 minute read 0 comments Diomedes

The coins of consciousness. Life without hope.  Photo by Lamar Beina from pexels I’ve noticed among people of poor means and education, people with a working vocabulary of only a few thousand words, that they apply the same few phrases to situations...