The famous 7 income streams of millionaires

The famous 7 income streams of millionaires

By PierreL | Road to financial security | 21 Feb 2021

As you may know, it is commonly said that all millionaires have the same 7 streams of income. While this is not necessarily a general truth, as ALL millionaires do not rely on ALL of these income streams, the list is still definitely a good way to diversify one's assets and reach some sort of financial security.

Since this is basically the topic of this blog, I thought it would be fun to try to classify my income stream ideas into the famous 7 categories, which are:

  • Earned income – from your day job's pay check 
  • Interest income – from a savings accounts, CDs, etc
  • Business income – from a business you created
  • Dividend income – from stocks you own, either directly or via investment funds
  • Capital gains – from selling assets
  • Royalty income – from books, music, videos, inventions...
  • Rental income – from real estate you own, either directly or via investment funds


Last month, I detailed my income stream ideas in two posts here and here. So today, let's see how to sort all of these ideas (either already active or still in the works) within these 7 categories:

  • Earned income: Starting off with the easy one, my job, freelance video editing. Even though times are pretty hard right now and business is not thriving, it's still my main source of income.
  • Interest income: I have the biggest chunk of my FIAT capital in a savings account in a bank, and a big chunk of my crypto assets on NEXO. I'm also staking some XTZ on the Exodus Wallet and I have some DAI saved on Compound Finance, so this category is definitely working for me.
  • Business income: That would be the digital products I started creating for my future e-commerce business on Etsy, and the apparel designs I'm working on as well. Blogging on Publish0x would come here too, it definitely is a business to write quality content on a regular basis and build a following, no matter how small! Selling stock footage is also a business revenue stream, as I only sell on royalty free platforms (meaning the buyers pay a one time fee and I don't get royalties every time a photo or video is used). Tutoring sessions or ad revenue from a YouTube channel or a podcast would come here as well. Basically, every time you sell value - whether it's time, knowledge or products - it's a business.
  • Dividend income: Okay this one's funny... As you know if you've been reading my Road To Financial Security blog, I created a Robinhood account, mostly just to get a free stock, because I never say no to free money, but I'm not ready to invest yet. This means I get to receive dividends with a $0 investment. So, I'm happy to share the great news: I just received my first $0.01 dividend income 👌 Ain't that sweet? If you want to receive a free stock as well (in the hopes of getting higher dividends than what I got), you can create an account using my referral link, offering me one at the same time: As I started getting some NEXO tokens, I will also receive dividends from them this summer, and it should be a bit more interesting than what I got on Robinhood as I keep growing my NEXO portfolio every day with interest income.
  • Capital gains: This usually refers to selling real estate, companies or stock, which I obviously have never done. But I see it as any kind of sale revenue. So if you've ever sold anything on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or eBay, I would put it in this category. Sure, I never owned any asset big enough to live off of its sale, and I'm not planning on selling any crypto anytime soon, but I do occasionally sell old furniture or other items I don't use anymore, so I guess this checks this box!
  • Royalty income: I'm not there yet, far from it. But as I mentioned in my previous posts, I've started working on a few children's books. This is a very long term project, we're just occasionally brainstorming for now, but when it's ready, that would be my royalty income stream.
  • Rental income: Same as royalty, I'm definitely not there yet. Clearly, I won't be able to buy any asset that I could rent anytime soon, but investing via a platform like RealT or REITs would do the trick, and this might happen within a year depending on how my budget moves.


I notice that, of all of these, two are truly 100% passive: interest and dividend incomes. The business and royalty ones mean a lot of work up front to then generate a passive revenue once it's done. Rental can be passive if you just invest in a fund, but it definitely isn't if you rent out a house/appartment that you own and manage.

I'm as far from being a millionaire as one can be, but even if you're in the same situation. it's a fun exercise to try to categorize your income streams like I did here. It helps defining what's already set, what to work on harder, what could be improved, or started, and even give you new project ideas! I encourage you to do the same, you might be surprised: I would have never guessed I already checked 5 of the 7 items on this list (because yes, my $0.01 dividend counts), and I already had ideas for the other 2!

Talk to you soon!




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Road to financial security
Road to financial security

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