Redfishcoin Stockholders Payment Report and Updates!

By Redfishcoin | Redfishcoin | 25 Apr 2019




Redfishcoin is a verified Waves Assets of Steemit Redfish Community. Monthly Steemit shares are the way of giving back to the community rewarding the Redfish Stockholders since 2017. 

4/25/2019 Redfishcoin Stockholders Payment Report and Updates!


Redfish Service and Rewards

Steemit Publication
Medium Publication
Retweet Campaign
Airdrop Campaign
Monthly Shares
1 Million Token Supply
Buy Back Program
Awesome Bonus Token
Royalty Rewards
PoP Steemit Promotion


20 Redfish holding, earn 2% monthly Shares
50 Redfish holding, earn 3% monthly Shares
100 Redfish holding, earn 3% monthly Shares & Rewards
500 Redfish holding, earn 5% monthly Shares & Rewards
1000 Redfish holding, earn 7% monthly Shares & Rewards
2000 Redfish holding, earn 7.5% monthly Shares & Rewards


Monthly shares are an optional way of rewarding RedfishCoin supporters/Holders. Another way of stabilizing Redfish Value. It is subject to change every contract/terms. It does not guarantee to earn huge profit nor promised large shares. It may not apply to you if you are not long term holder.


Monthly Shares Distribution


Another great month of holding. We had a long journey together and will continue to earn while holding. On this day, April 25, Redfishcoin was been distributed according to their holdings and percentage. 867 Redfishcoin was out with a value of $577.00. We encourage you to continue holding and invite your friends to join our cause. We are just a few and need more investors, holders to adapt our vision and together we ride to the moon.

According to our numbers of holders, 48 Waves Address who hold Redfishcoin Receive their shares. We had 1 holder added since last month not counting to those left the community. Still, we grow slowly and continue to strive for success! The value of Redfishcoin will always depend on community holders and affected by Waves price as Redfish was heavy pair with WAVES. Every time there is a Redfish dump, Buy Back Program always activated to support its value. The buyback program is always needed for coin stability and long term progress.

The bettertoken verification was moved to announce in the Mid of May according to their team when we ask for the result on our token verification. We are hopeful that our token will be one of the recipients Qualified Status. Until then we cannot move forward to our next goal to list in another exchange aside from WavesDEX and Nanu Exchange


Trading Redfishcoin

Redfish can be traded in WavesDEX and Nanu Exchange
the image above from WavesDEX,
Redfish value;


Bonus Token

On this Month, we introduce to you another token which has potential value to grow. Still, you are advised to research for more information if you want to invest on FORFUN token.

5000 ForFUN token was distributed to Redfish Holders. This is one of our promised to give you Bonus Token. On this month, it is for FORFUN. They offer 3% Monthly staking and daily payout. to learn more about their project, please go to their website FORFUN


Bitcoin Satoshis

Another bonus is given to Redfish holders. Bitcoin Satoshis was given only to those have 100 Redfish in their wallet. On this month, a $5.54 value of BTC has been distributed. If you did not receive your bonus, be sure to hold 100 minimum Redfish next snapshot.



Another benefit of holding Redfishcoin is minting MINNOW token. All 100 Redfishcoin holding is eligible to receive MINNOW. This token can be Traded to Waves on WavesDEX. It's totally free and it's up to you to continue holding this token or sell them to Waves, after all, it is yours. There is only 1 MNW token created and it is not reissuable with 6 decimals. You can receive this with a value of $0.40. Today, 36 address receive the MNW with a value of $16.00, hold More Redfish to continue receiving MNW as Monthly Shares REWARDS!

Visit our website;

Isn’t it amazing that more and more coins you get just by HOLDING?

We welcome NEW REDFISH Stockholders!
HODL Patiently and get your rewards until next Payout!

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