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Waves (WAVES) is a cryptocurrency made by Alexander Ivanov in 2016. It is a decentralized blockchain platform that allows users to launch their own cryptocurrency with crowdfunding capabilities. It also offers a complete Decentralised Exchange (DEX) and has smart contract capabilities.

The Waves Platform was launched after a $16 million ICO. It was intended to move payment systems and crowdfunding to the blockchain and is often referred to as a decentralized version of Kickstarter. The platform is designed so that users can create their own customized cryptocurrencies and projects in a matter of minutes,allowing the capability to crowdfund their project like an ICO. The Waves blockchain also allows for smart contracts that are powerful and secure.

WavesDEX is a decentralized exchange built on top of the Waves blockchain. The decentralized exchange allows users to trade common cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin against WAVES. The WavesDEX also has fiat gateways in which users that comply with KYC are able to deposit and withdraw fiat currencies such as USD, EUR and JPY. Perhaps the most important feature about the WavesDEX is that it is completely decentralized. This means that when a user creates an account, they are not required to send their funds to another party to hold. Instead, the platform will create fresh keys for the users to keep stored and secured, giving the user the sole responsibility for their funds on the exchange. This is an extremely important feature as it circumvents the possibilities of hackers targeting exchanges which typically results in users taking the losses.

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What Is Neutrino USD | Detailed Review

5 Feb 2024 2 minute read 4 comments Guarda Wallet

Neutrino USD (USDN) stands as a beacon of innovation in the stablecoin arena, designed to counteract the volatility that plagues the cryptocurrency market. As an algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the US dollar and backed by WAVES, Neutrino USD offers...

What are your portfolio's hidden gems?

5 Jun 2023 2 minute read 5 comments Kovichni

No one likes shilling. I for one speak quite often and rather harshly towards those who do so, but there is a fine line and ultimately big difference between actually mentioning or discussing, and shilling. I remember a few years back some crypto You...

Waves Coin Price Prediction. Watch before invest in $Waves

24 May 2023 1 minute read 0 comments Crypto4light

Part 1: What is Waves Coin? Waves (WAVES) is a blockchain platform that enables users to create and launch their own custom blockchain tokens or cryptocurrencies. It provides a user-friendly interface and a suite of powerful tools for developers, bus...

Did you know your platform is showing? !!!!

24 Apr 2023 5 minute read 0 comments Write on time

Are you tired of your crypto platform showing all your business? Did you know that your platform could be the culprit behind your crypto woes? Let's dive into the importance of choosing the right platform, and how your platform can be the difference...

Self proclaimed Tornado Cash developer Ameen Soleimani's "Privacy Pools" is a joke

3 Apr 2023 3 minute read 0 comments Kovichni

Not sure why fakestream-media are all blindly repeating this guy's claims regarding his contributions to TORN and are effectively also promoting his shady "privacy pools" alternative to Tornado Cash, which is being dubbed Tornado Cash 2.0 while the a...

Sell the rumor, buy the crash? Journalists are snooping around the Waves debacle

24 Mar 2023 1 minute read 0 comments Kovichni

You know the old "buy the rumor, sell the news" tactic? Could a reverse sort of thing be possible? Like if you know a disastrous publication is about to take place regarding your holding, is it a good idea to dump it in hopes the news will make it cr...

Confronting: A look at the crypto markets exactly 6 years ago

22 Jan 2023 4 minute read 5 comments Kovichni

"The past is where you should learn from, not where you should live". Although we all have moments we wish we could relive/redo, it is quite unhealthy to live that way and ultimately a very unhappy way of life. This is of course different for everyon...

A Regulator Warning and Possible Exchange Delisting Further Sinks USDN

10 Dec 2022 1 minute read 0 comments kev_nag

It has been a rough road to navigate for algorithmic stablecoins in 2022. We are all familiar with the collapse of the Terra ecosystem and the depegging of TerraUSD. And the fallout from this collapse has been devastating with depegging, price crashe...

Luna & UST nightmare repeat on Waves & USDN?

10 Dec 2022 2 minute read 2 comments Benjamin Thomas

After being red flagged by the Federation of Korean Exchanges 🇰🇷 considered to cancel transactions on exchanges. $Waves price dropped 20% after that.   I. UST & USDN   Waves' USDN is similar to LUNA's UST, Waves is the collateral for USDN, uses Waves...

Is Waves A Ponzi? Is Neutrino USDN Losing Peg?

13 Apr 2022 2 minute read 1 comment ☑️0🆇D̺͈͙͕̿ͧ̑ͣ🅰🆅🅸🅳eͤ

Waves is a layer 1 that basically manages a stablecoin called USDN (Neutrino USD) which has reached around 1 billion market cap. This layer1 uses a Leased Proof Of Stake because the nodes can also be rented to become a validator. It's not everyone's...