Raise - Our Smart Contract Audit Results ✔️

Raise - Our Smart Contract Audit Results ✔️

By RobSpitz | Raise | 13 Nov 2019

Before we officially launched, the team at RaiseHQ needed to complete the most crucial stage for introducing the world to our marketplace. The audit of our smart contracts was imperative for a successful launch.

As we at an early stage, we are regularly making changes and improvements to maximise security and efficiency for our users and their experience. As a result, we contacted a third-party specialist organisation to scrutinise our smart contracts, audit them and then ensure that we are on track for minimal disturbances or issues. Zokyo Labs were given the task due to their experience and expertise in cyber-security and their proven track record with other blockchain projects. After meeting with their team, we had full trust and confidence that they would inspect our smart contracts with an extraordinary level of detail.

It is essential that blockchain applications have bug-free code. Smart contract audits need to take place and good results highlight the quality and the potential of the product. This thorough analysis covers design flaws, errors in the code and security vulnerabilities. After all the tests are completed, a report is signed off and provide valuable feedback for where the project is going.

Raise conducted it’s smart contract audit before it’s release last month. We wanted to publicly reveal these results to give you confidence in our project. You can find the full report here.

Here are the main points from the summary of the results provided to us from Zokyo Labs, a third-party trusted organisation who are certified to conduct smart contract audits:

“The contracts are well-composed, operate as expected and are production ready.”

“Hero/Raise created secure and efficient contracts so there were no pitfalls found during the audit.”

“Overall, smart contracts are well-composed and function properly”

These results are very exciting for the team at RaiseHQ. The hard work over the last few months has been recognised with these results. We wanted to be transparent and share these with you as security is the most important thing for users when signing up to a financial blockchain project.

We are looking forward to the future developments of Raise and you can start your journey today by signing up and helping borrowers grow their businesses with your spare change. Sign up now.


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Raise is a loan marketplace that connects individuals with investment opportunities primarily in emerging countries

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