Experienced Business Owner and Coach and Tutor who now trades in Crypto. It is proving to be an interesting journey with so much technical language involved. Follow me as I learn the trade (and how to trade). Made some howling mistakes to begin with, but still learning and will share what I learn as I learn it for the benefit of the community. - RAH

Crypto vs Banks: An Interesting Point of Comparison

27 Feb 2021 1 minute read 3 comments rah

Most of you know that I have been hodling in staked StableCoin since about mid-January with just a few assets held elsewhere and I normally have two points of interest in my monthly progress The first is the 27th of each month simply because this is...

Be Very Careful with Cointiply!

25 Feb 2021 2 minute read 29 comments rah

Just read an article on here (referenced below) about somebody who got burned by the Cointiply Coin Multiplier. Meant in the interest of safeguarding the community it was just a shame he hadn't read my article on the self-same subject a few months ag...

Another Near Miss with Outrageous Gas Fees

23 Feb 2021 1 minute read 16 comments rah

Maybe I was being a bit smug yesterday. I’d been waiting for a correction and I was genuinely excited about the falling figures having positioned myself to take advantage of this and being impatient as I am I couldn’t resist taking a small advantage...

Has it finally come?

22 Feb 2021 1 minute read 7 comments rah

This is a short post, intended to be reassuring. Been predicting this since early January, but has the storm finally arrived? This is just a sample taken from my Coinbase Homepage a few minutes ago and the question is how far will it fall? We saw a...

Combining Two Crypto Strategies to Leverage 10%+

22 Feb 2021 1 minute read 4 comments rah

Everyone who knows me knows that I am poised for the bubble to burst or in crypto-speak for the next major correction. Over the last few weeks since moving a significant amount of my holdings to StableCoin I have done very little except just add in m...

My Daily Crypto Routine as an Enthusiast

21 Feb 2021 2 minute read 17 comments rah

Routine is often banal, but essential to order and since I started my crypto journey some nine months ago I have found my life has become quite regimented around some of my crypto habits. In these days of Covid restrictions this is a good thing becau...

A Key Question about the Current Bull Run

20 Feb 2021 1 minute read 5 comments rah

As many of you know I joined noise:cash this week and have made my first dollar in the form of a micro-amount of BitCoin Cash which I am immediately staking in Celsius so whatever happens with the price the amount I am holding will only grow. I am pl...

My 10 Commandments of Crypto Investment

19 Feb 2021 1 minute read 6 comments rah

Just a bit of Friday fun, but there is wisdom in these words. Enjoy! Never invest more than you can afford to lose Staking StableCoins at higher than the rate of inflation guarantees long term profit * Greater profits can be realised through day tra...

Noise:Cash – A Preliminary Review

18 Feb 2021 4 minute read 12 comments rah

Yesterday I described my early experiences with Noise:Cash in an article called Another Crypto D’oh Moment and one commentator suggested I missed a trick. I could have called it Another Cryp-doh Moment! However, another commentator mentioned that...

Another Crypto D'oh Moment

17 Feb 2021 1 minute read 24 comments rah

My wife says that I am quite like Homer Simpson - and I'd like to think that is a compliment! Whatever you say about him he always comes out right in the end. He may have a few d'oh moments on the way, but gets there in the end. I'm just the same whe...