Experienced Business Owner and Coach and Tutor who now trades in Crypto. It is proving to be an interesting journey with so much technical language involved. Follow me as I learn the trade (and how to trade). Made some howling mistakes to begin with, but still learning and will share what I learn as I learn it for the benefit of the community. - RAH

Cointiply Faucet Misfiring!

4 Jan 2024 1 minute read 1 comment rah

I have been using Cointiply almost since I started my Crypto journey in June 2020. In that time I have probably yielded about $100 which I have used both wisely and unwisely as described previously in another article (in fact it is the article that i...

Cointiply - YES but Mr Chips - a Resounding NO!

11 Dec 2023 2 minute read 2 comments rah

Before I start let me point out that I am a fan of Cointiply and over the last 3 or 4 years amassed about $100 in assets which I have utilised both wisely and unwisely at times. It is a nice steady income stream and because they payout the USD equiva...

Optimistic About Optimism!

4 Dec 2023 1 minute read 2 comments rah

I don’t get to blog that often nowadays with family and work commitments, but I wanted to take a little time today. A few months ago, as many of us well know Publish0x announced that they were dropping Ampleforth and Spot as tipping tokens but retain...

A Disturbing look at the way we think.

5 Nov 2023 2 minute read 7 comments rah

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas I came across a post about this film and replied and then I thought that my reply was too important not to share to a wider audience. So here we go. Not my normal type of post but the message behind it is essential whoe...

Miron: Mariupol's Baby

14 Aug 2023 2 minute read 6 comments rah

One of the things that got me interested in crypto was the desire to earn passive income and while i still am hodling (for that is all I am doing for the time being) I am also looking at other ways to increase my passive income and one of the alterna...

Beware of Suspicious Coinbase Email.

24 Jul 2023 1 minute read 2 comments rah

Hi one and all I trust you are well? I don't get to post as often as I used to, being busy as I am. I am still here even though I am more of a lurker nowadays and I am still reading and tipping. Anyhow I wanted to share something with you today howev...

What is going on at CO(i)NBASE?

30 Apr 2023 1 minute read 6 comments rah

This may be the shortest article I have ever written, but I am using it as a platform to ask some pertinent questions. A few months ago Coinbase (Conbase) announced to account holders that to trade a staked asset it must first be unstaked. A process...

BabyRah => Toddl-Rah => LittleRah

12 Apr 2023 1 minute read 5 comments rah

Please allow the self-indulgence of this post :D Today, 12th April, marks a very special day for us as a family. Our little one is now two. The time has flown by and to watch him develop and grow has just been so amazing (I am pretty sure that all pa...

My first KDP Project

10 Apr 2023 1 minute read 7 comments rah

Over the last few years I have been looking to improve and increase my passive income – the Holy Grail of all income. Simply put passive income is income that generates itself although using the same principle as kinetic energy it needs a bit of a sh...

Russia Attacks Poland! Aftermath

17 Nov 2022 3 minute read 8 comments rah

It appears that I upset a few people yesterday, to the point of having my integrity questioned and somebody even suggested I have a second account. Well let me state categorically that I don't and as far as I know the admins on here are pretty good a...