Portfolio Up by 18% in Two Weeks. A Strategic Success Story.

By rah | rah | 7 Aug 2020

Made it!

So yesterday it finally happened. A couple of days ago I was delighted to report that I had achieved a first milestone in that I had briefly ‘come up and breathed pure profit’ and while my portfolio had once more dipped below the break-even line it had given me hope. I had taken a breath, smelt the air and was no longer drowning.


Now I am above the line, although only just above, but I am holding and ready for the next push into when profits become a more regular occurrence.

In terms of me applying my strategy and achieving a short term target I am now there. While I know some fluctuations may still take me below the line from time to time it is a whole lot more rosy than when just a month ago I was facing a 15% loss and at one point further analysis has shown me that 5 weeks ago my portfolio had shrunk to 78% of its original size - so at it worst it was even worse than I had realised (it must have been in the middle of the night).

I was planning to do this at the end of the month, but now seems to be a good time to assess how the range of strategies I have been sharing on my blog over the last few weeks have worked with the available data.

Links to all of the described strategies (in bold) can be found below the main article.

It started quite slowly and I benefited from both using Investment Halving and a surge in Chainlink to kick start my forward momentum. My Chainlink holdings, which had fallen terribly had already come under a heavy bombardment and released some profit while I leveraged it into a better position by Breaking Down the Wall.


The Magical Money Tree, faucets and Publish0x have contributed the GBP equivalent of $10 to my portfolio so far. I am so pleased to see today that they added Ethereium, although I have a whole load of Loopring sitting and festering at the moment. I still haven’t decided which wallet to use for this.

Furthermore since the 1st August

Through margins in the last week I have leveraged an additional 3 TEZOs, currently valued a approximately £7.50 (that is more than 4.03% on my TEZOs holdings that Coinbase offer through staking). This concept is discussed in my post that It’s Not All About the Money. Staking on the other hand has resulted in a return of approximately 0.1 of a TEZO which further reinforces my argument for playing the margins rather than just trusting in the 4.03%. This would have been higher but rather than holding most of my TEZOs I was using them to leverage greater gains through other currency variances.

I temporarily moved a small amount of money from a falling crypto into USDC to stabilise and then reinvested. This relatively small fund is now showing a massive profit on its own. This more than anything has taken me above the line and it is just a shame it was such a small amount. (BitCoin Cash surge on 6th August if you need to check went up proportionally 12:17, which means that every £12.00 I invested was suddenly worth £17.00).

The Internal Conversion Engine is continuing to churn anywhere between 2 and 3% per transaction. Using this method one particular part of my portfolio grew by 13.5% on it's own as it went round and round the conversion engine. Some of this is reinvested and some is skimmed off by Milking the Cow. Milking the Cow has grown my investment fund by about 10% and added 9 TEZOs by skimming additional profits off the top. 

In just a couple of weeks through diligent application of strategy My portfolio has grown by between 16% and 18%, albeit from a negative starting point.

Please follow my blog and feel free to tip me and access my Crypto-trading tips, listed below:) and hopefully I will have more great tips and success stories to share with you.

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And all the best for your success.

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